Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disney's Part of Your World in 2011

Disney's Part of Your Halloween

Well, if it's the 11th hour and you're wondering what the fuck you should go as for Halloween, perhaps you should reach into your childhood and get some inspiration from Disney? What girl WOULDN'T want to fulfill that dream of being a Disney Princess?

It's just a matter of taking those costumes and making them happen in the real world. Which, you know, shouldn't be too difficult. Just look at these examples;

Sure, this wouldn't be my type of blog if I didn't just toss in some really morbid facts about all this. I mean, perhaps we should just start with Pocahontas;

Man, what a really strange film. Pocahontas was one of those strange ones because of the hook-nosed governor, barefoot savages, blonde and blue eyed heroes, and how literally the first thing the whites do when they land in Jamestown is start blowing up the forest and sleep with the local women. It's also odd because the little bit about her talking to forest spirits and how they both speak the same language thanks to voodoo magic.

Snow White is pretty much a great costume that folks love to slut up. I mean, who doesn't want seven little midgets to serve your every need? Just watch out for bobbing for apples. Okay, let's see. We know there's always the "Sexy" version of the costume, but perhaps you should just take it the other direction and make it all horrorfied.

The little mermaid... Yeah, I wouldn't be opposed for more red heads on this all hallows eve. Not to mention a clam shell bikini top.. Mmmm, I'm not going to complain.

Eh, Cinderella isn't that great of a costume - even with the Halloween themed pumpkin ride and all. But hey, why not just be an IRONIC Princess...

Other costumes.. Well, Tangled was pretty cute of a movie and could make a decent costume. Just avoid Aladdin since his kingdom was literally Palestine. Yeah, not really the best subject lately.
"Merchant: Welcome to Agrabah. City of mystery, of enchantment. And the finest merchandise this side of the river Jordan! On sale today! Come on down. "

Yeeeeah, besides, Jasmine is an awfully lazy costume as it needs very little to be turned "sexy". Come folks, get a bit more creative, will you?

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