Sunday, October 21, 2012

Monsanto - Comically Evil

Monsanto - Comically Evil

So this happened last month, but since we are in the month that is full of horror, I figure this was as good as any a time to talk about it. But did you know that Monsanto's poisoned corn has been banned in Russia after results from test showed that GMO corn causes tumors. 

The study is pretty awesome and the first thing I noticed was that the 90 day testing duration on the USDA corn showed no tumors. But at 120 days, the rats started to become loaded with tumors. I would put money on a scientist being paid under the table and lobbied for the shorter testing frame knowing full well what would happened if they ran the studies up till the 120 time frame.

Just goes to show that Monsanto is truly living up to their incredibly evil sounding name, more and more each day. Perhaps we should just kill 'em all and let Gaia sort the cunts out.

Though, there's a lot of processing that goes on once the crop has left the building. It's not as easy as pointing out that the RoundUP they put on the crop reaches us at human consumption at all. That isn't to say that we should be ignorant of it's effects but rather than Monsanto is a bad company and capitalism makes bad practices, I suppose.

Also in their defense, rats are kind of tumor mills anyway. Most of the rats that are used for testing are also predisposed to getting them at a higher natural rate of cancer than regular rats. But then again, back to hating on them, it's pretty awesome all around because Monsanto loses a massive production market for a product, but I'm not sure that the GMO vs Organic thing is all that conclusive.

I also side with organic foods because there's less reliance on chemical and industrial farming methods. And because regulations in capitalism are fucking awful and they really don't care if hundreds of us die from their shit. 

And while lab rats are very often interbred beyond the point of genetics crap shoot, causing a susceptibility to cancer in itself, the study is just saying what we already know. I think the study is good because it will hopefully make people think critically about the productive process and what sort of contaminants are in your food.

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