Thursday, October 11, 2012

Whiskey On Your Plate - Why So Blue?

Whiskey On Your Plate - Why So Blue?

In case you're wondering, I guess I haven't touched on the most sacred of sacred whiskey. The famed Johnny Walker Blue Label. I bet you're wondering if it's just marketing hype or what?

In short, yes. it's a lot of hype and, at best, a luxurious image thing. It's to whiskey what Armand de Brignac is to champagne. It's alright, but you can do so much better for far much less. In fact, I would prefer a shit lot different whiskeys than the blue label.

Try some Gold and Double Black. It's far easier to drink and far less on your wallet. Hell, for that much you may as well go for the real good stuff. The Highland Park 18. Oh yes, that is great stuff. I love me some 12 year old and the 18 is far more nuanced and interesting as far as single malts go.

So now that we talked about the aged stuff.. let's talk about the white lightning.. I feel like spending any real amount of money on unaged whiskey is just.. I mean.. let's be honest here, a sucker's bet. I mean, it's unaged. It's white lightning, yo. There's none that are really particularly palatable. I mean, Makers Mark white whiskey wasn't gross, but I can't see why you would want to drink the stuff outside of a whiskey tasting, let alone pay $30 or more for a bottle.

In fact, the whole trend of using the term "Moonshine" as a marketing term is pretty retarded, but I'll be lying if I told you I haven't tried 100 proof clear corn whiskey billed as moonshine and sold with cherries soaked in it and I must say, it was not bad at all. The brand is Midnight Moon and they do have an Apple Pie version, which once Justified comes back, I know I'll be buying some of it - in spite of it being 100 proof, I could drink it neat quite easily. The actual taste of the apple pie was great.
 It's also only $22 a handle, so that in itself makes it a little easier on the mind. There's also Howling Moon at around $25 a handle. But once you get into the turf where you're paying $30+ for a handle of Troy and Sons.. fuck that. Heaven Hills makes a Georgia Moon which is only $12. Again, it's better if unaged whiskey is just dirt cheap. Otherwise it's a bit of a rip off.
The only comfort you should have in buying white whiskey is knowing that you're supporting a new distillery and maybe one day they'll crank out a good barrel aged version with their profits.  

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