Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Dead, They Walk!

The Dead, They Walk!

Well, it may not be Breaking Bad time on AMC till next July, but at least we have a reason to turn on to that American Movie Channel once again tonight as that ever so frustrating television show, The Walking Dead, comes back tonight.

With a new season beginning, it renews my hope that somehow, someway... Lori will die. Hopefully she'll die with Carl and both of them dying will somehow bring Shane back. Because even if he was a prick, he was a shit ton better than Lori.

Can you blame me for hoping that? The previews have been interesting, in that Lori looks like an even bigger pent up bitch than ever and for a second I thought Carl was sporting facial hair. I wonder how many times this season someone will say "Shane was right."

So yeah, we can only hope Lori dies this season. Because last season was really strange. At one point she is all but telling Rick that Shane needed to go and get killed, and then when she finds out he's dead, she flips out. It's like, bitch! You were telling me not just yesterday that the mofo had to die.

It makes you feel like she was playing them both. And hopefully that's the case, but I sort of doubt that the show is that smart. Especially the way it played out. It seemed like there was some confusion as to what Lori actually wanted as a character.

But with the new season comes the most important thing about this show. The return of T-dawg. If you missed it last season, they actually did give out his name. Theodore Douglas. Why does it matter? Because he was regulated as a stand in background extra last season. And according to the Wiki article I read, "Glen Mazzara stated on his twitter account that there are bigger plans for T-Dog in season 3.
"In a recent interview, IronE Singleton mentioned that in Season 3 there will be "more T-Dog."
Awww yeah. The man who couldn't die. Looks like things are looking up for everyone's favorite character.

At least it should be America's favorite character.        

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