Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sensiable Ideas On How To Fix What Can Not Be Fixed - Our Economy

Sensiable Ideas On How To Fix What Can Not Be Fixed - Our Economy

In an effort to actually do something instead of just always complaining about others NOT doing so, here it is. The politicians obviously don't know what they're doing. So perhaps it's time that we toss in a few ideas on how to get businesses growing again and get the economy back on track! If enough of us do this, then perhaps we can chug chug chug that economy along to a bigger and brighter future!

- Give tax breaks to businesses who provide on site sleeping accommodation for employees. This would save people the hassle of having to commute and encourage businesses to look after their workers better!

- Remove mandatory paid overtime, but replace it with 'bonus time' card system where employees can earn points from extra hours which increase their attractiveness to potential employers when applying for new jobs. As well as increasing productivity, this could encourage some healthy 'can do' competitive spirit in our dispirited workforce!

- Promote scientific advancement by liberalising experimentation rules and proceedures, my friend was paid for some human experimentation done on him once and he was fine AND he bought a new car! Accelerating scientific advancement and putting money back in the economy (and unlocking latent psionic powers!?), I'm suprised no government has done this already

- Encourage bankers to 'adopt' and sponsor orphaned and disadvantaged children by building a large monument which records and honours every banker who does and hold a yearly TV award show!?

- make a list of every rich person in order of richeness and visit each one in turn with a mob of armed anarchy teenagers.

- Introduce a ghost tax, legalize ghosts and tax them!

The last idea would work great in combination with the plan right before it. Essentially it would be killing the rich and then billing them for the bullets.

What we really need to do in order to turn this economy around is to fire every politician ever. And by that I mean get every politician ever and light them on fire.

Come on folks, when's the last time socialism worked at all? It's time to face the grim reality of it all. I mean, the radical perspective is kind of cute, but come on now. Cuba is around, sure, but it's entering the post-Castro era. Liberalism has won, and with it comes the spoils to the victors. Perhaps the one thing that needs to happen will save everyone;

Nationalizing Walmart

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