Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Next Presidential Debate

The Next Presidential Debate

I wanted to drop this blog post before the next Presidential debate started because it's good to know why the biggest reason for the debates becoming such a pile of shit aside from the candidates we have to choose from. It's because it's pretty much run by a corporation -non partisan democrat and republican venture - that has a whole crazy list of rules and requirements that pretty much guarantee that it will be a shit debate by the two most boring presidential candidates around.

Taken from here, but the 'rules' exclude among other things
  • challenging questions
  • assertive moderators
  • follow-up questions
  • candidate-to-candidate questioning
  • rebuttals and surrebuttals

So yeah, it's no wonder these debates do nothing to let us know anything about anything when it comes to our choice of bad and worse.

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