Sunday, October 28, 2012

Holy Shit! I'm Soooo Drunk

Holy Shit! I'm Soooo Drunk

Oh man, it's the day after the Saturday closest to Halloween.. You know what happened last night. Heavy drinking - more heavy drinking - and some more heavy drinking.

I'm pretty much paying for it now. Clearly no human being should contain this much alcohol...

Please, god, help. I'm hungover and drunk at the same time.

This is unconscionable.

I must have drank ALL of the Vodka.

And I mean every last ounce of it.

You may think that I clearly didn't, as the store must have some more.

You must be mistaken as I definitely drank all of it.

Cause you know when you wake up and find the bottle you were drinking from and it's completely empty....


Or, maybe it's something more along the lines of  "How is all of this in my body!?"

 Oh cat, give that wine back! You don't even know how to open a bottle!

So currently I've reached the bit where everything seems too hard to do so you sit in a chair staring blankly at the screen and realize you've just managed to scroll through a thread without actually understanding a single word you read.

Oh, the long road to recovery begins here.

By that, I mean that the very short road to more liquor is closer.

This reminds me of that one time I woke up in my friends bed with a can of fosters or whatever shitty big can of beer next to me, and my friend made some joke about it being my breakfast and unfortunately when someone jokingly tells me to do things I get very set on the concept and so I downed loads of it and it had to be the worst beer ever.

Wait, I have no idea where this thought is going. Sorry, I es drunk... and hungover at the same time.

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