Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So The Last Debate Took Place

So The Last Debate Took Place

And I'm sure you're wondering who won. The answer - no one. No one won. how could anyone win with two windbags like Romney and Obama up there. It's like arguing the same side of the coin. Especially when it comes to foreign policy, which this debate is all about. Both of them feel that their foreign plans are simple - Kill brown people.

So hey, let's get into it. How's this quote fit on you  "Al Quedas core leadership has been decimated". It's odd because I didn't know that Pakistani children were the higher ups in Al Queda. Though I have to admit that Obama laid down some sick burns on the Romnester. That was some hardcore stuff, O-dawg.

Still, the amount and the density of the lies that both candidates were spewing last night was fucking incredible. I can't quiet articulate what's wrong with what they were saying as fast as it was pour out of their mouths. I had to take a 15 minute break and watch Adventure Time.

It seriously was like watching Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader debating how to best conquer the galaxy. No wait, that's wrong. Both of these fuckers are Palpatine, because neither of them will be redeemed at the end. Where the fuck do Obama and Romney even differ on foreign policy?

Obama uses drones and Mitt is one. More on that later, cause they actually talked about drones. Spoiler alert, both fuckers will be using them like they're hot wheels.
Romney talks about and keeps on asking what about our navy and that it's really low. After all, America only has 12 of the world's 20 aircraft carriers... Clearly something must be done about this! Don't they know that British frigates could be coming over the horizon at any moment, dammit! Though again, both of these fuckers are shooting for increasing something. Obama wants to make sure that we can handle more than one conflict at a time. 
"We can only be in one conflict at a time!"
God forbid we be in only a single war. But then the conversation got serious as we got into the Iran shit. Oh yeah, Obama laid down some sick burns on Iran. Oh yeah, check yourself, Iran. Your economy is crippled, WHAT NOW?! We ruined their economy, fuck, your people are probably starving or some shit. That's the leadership I promised you as a president, beeeeyatches.

Yup, there are people in Iran who have the same aspirations as people in the rest of the world.  It's just that we're starving them, and their children... intentionally... Yup. Great foreign policy, dontcha think? Look t all your children... that I killed.

Anyhow, so their policies are very similar that it's pointless to think that they're any different when voting for either of these fuckers come election day.

The closing arguments were just spewing of horse shit that I really don't want to think about it. Obama basically saying that he'll fight for your families by murdering other people's families.

I did hear in the aftermath of it all with the pundits the phrase stating 
"If God had a vote, he would vote for Romney" 
That's all nice, too bad god doesn't have a state issued ID

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