Friday, October 26, 2012

Fuck the NFL and Los Angeles

Fuck the NFL and Los Angeles

Seriously now. Can we, Los Angeles residents, just drop this dream of having not only one but two professional foot ball teams based in Los Angeles? The whole AEG Farmer's Field idea is a couple of steps away from being all but a faded fart because the NFL league of teams has decided that it wants more more more.. 
Several league sources expressed doubt that the would-be buyers of AEG — the entertainment giant is for sale and could fetch upwards of $10 billion — would be willing to pour massive amounts of money into the downtown project, as the current deal for prospective funding required AEG to do. A change of ownership at AEG could also lead to a more viable agreement at that site, some inside the effort to build in Los Angeles suggested, though there remain significant issues regarding parking and infrastructure in this area.
Areas around Dodger Stadium, where parking and space is abundant, are highly desirable to the league, sources said, and discussions in that regard are ongoing. This site has not received the national attention of others, but is very logical, particularly if the Dodgers were to move downtown. I asked commissioner Roger Goodell about the area around Dodger Stadium during his post-meeting press conference, and he called it “a terrific site” and seemed enthused about the possibility. One highly-connected source maintained that Dodger Stadium has been and still is “the preferred choice” of all the current options.
Mas Putas! So now, because AEG is not budging on the agreed upon amount to actually not have the tax payers of the city pay so much for them to make a buck on the construction, they're deciding that the whole project, which several millions have already been used to grease the wheels for, is just not something they can do anymore.

So what do they want? Dodger Stadium?
Chavez Ravine, currently the home of Dodger Stadium and the Los Angeles Dodgers, is on the mind of the team's new owners as a potential home for an NFL team. A league source recently told The L.A.Times that the buyers had preliminary discussions with the NFL about just that
   FUCK YOU!  We;re still left with the question of who the fuck will pay for this. Besides, doesn't NOT having a team in L.A. work better for the league of teams? They always use the threat of moving their team to Los Angeles as a threat to whatever city they are in to fix or give them a new stadium or they'll leave.

Bunch of fuck'n drama queens. Fuck them in the ass. We don't need a football team. We're a city filled with
transplants who already come equipped with their own favorite teams to cheer for. We don't need to piss away tax dollars to put into the pockets of some rich football team owner. Nor do we need to fuck up historic landmarks like Dodger stadium.

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