Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dexter's Lab of Shit

Dexter's Lab of Shit

A new season of Dexter means that I have plenty to complain about. Let's be honest, the show test your endurance for illogical bullshit. Take the episode that aired this past week.

Adding into the realm of Dexter plot point implausibility. A Minotaur Man killer who previously was on Dexter's hit list, but was removed when he handed him over to Deb - who Minotaur Man tried killing. Well, his case gets tossed out on account of not agreeing to his Miranda rights.

Anyhow, Minotaur Man gets off on a technicality and goes immediately back to work at a grave yard, you know, having just tried to kill off a lieutenant at Miami Metro, having an evidence sweep gathered at his personal mortuary of madness and then there isn't a follow-up tail in sight nor did the cemetery owners decide to fire him for being a bit bat shit insane? Yeah, after all this, I think the fact that he tried to kill a cop would have hit the papers.

NOPE! Why not let Minotaur Man keep the keys to the cremation room. He's a good guy, just misunderstanding, is all. Trying to kill a cop and successfully killing a bartender aside is just a phase. He should really have the keys to earth moving equipment and continued parking and living arrangements of his Killebago on cemetery property.

Then we get on to the show in general with the new season essentially pressing a hard reset. You have everyone who was introduced last season wrapped up and taken care of. The actual only competent detective gets killed so oddly in the first episode in an unrelated shooting that is the foundation of the Mobsters story. Then you have the douche intern who was fucking with Dexter get killed off by the Mobsters because they find him on Dexter's boat. Best of all, you have Harrison, Dexter's son and the last bit linking Rita into the story - welp, he's gone to visit Aster and Cody in Orlando never to be seen or heard of again.

Way to go, Dexter's writing staff. You essentially just did a hard reset on the show and got Dexter free and clear of all that bullshit.

Now, if only you'll lead us into the season finale a lot sooner because the name of the episode being  "Surprise, Mother fucker!" Has only the potential to be the best thing possible. I'm hoping Santa brings us a "RoboDoakes", who is part robot and part badass cop.

Yes, writing staff, you know what you must do now. 

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