Sunday, June 13, 2010

iPhone 4 - The Future Is More Personal?

iPhone 4 - The Future Is More Personal?

The future of cell phones better just bend over, lube up and prepare itself for some massive ass raping because Apple is about to call it it's bitch! Yes, that's right guess what's coming out - another fucking Apple product.

Let me just first say this, I hate fancy cell phones so much. Yes, it may seem like a convenient thing to have the ability to search the net in the palm of your hand, but at the same time the more complex you make something, the higher the chances it will break. Let your phone be a fucking phone and let your camera and lap top be exactly that.

But in any event, I'm sure there's people lined up already for the new iphone that is coming out in a couple of weeks. So what's the big difference and makes this a sudden must for people? It's the slight differences...

Finally the awkwardness of audio only conversation will be a thing of the past now that I can see you as you fumble around the room. Well, would you look at that? Oooh, I can SEE you AND talk to you?! Aren't we just living life with our electronic device too much no? Oh yes, you need to wear clothing and not be on the toilet anymore while you're on the phone. Bummer, I know.

Though I guess this will open the door for phone sex on a new level like you've never seen before. Just think about the strange and bold new levels that sexting will go into with this new world of on the go skyping. Hm, but that does add a new question - what will your alibi be to the wife when she calls you on working late by asking to FACE TO FACE so she could see you in the office when you're really at the strip club?


Another thing - Can apple release anything without an insane degree of hyperbole? Just look at the video they released. They can't stop talking about how the fact they added a higher resolution screen and two cameras means. They act like it's the coming of jesus all over religious freaks faces. Do you not see what two cameras ans a new resolution screen mean? It's the COMMUNICATIONS REVOLUTION THAT REINVENTS THE PHONE!!! NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

You're right about that. Nothing will ever be the same again.. especially for poor Chinese workers!
Hon Hai Precision Industry, the world's biggest contract electronics manufacturer with a list of clients including Apple Inc, Dell Inc and Hewlett-Packard Co, said late on Sunday that production line workers at Foxconn's Shenzhen hub would be able to earn 2,000 yuan ($293) a month from October if they passed a three-month performance review.
Look at the smiles on their faces when they heard this news..

By buying an iPhone, not only are you purchasing a worthless piece of crap, you're also helpng to destroy the software industry. Why not look into an Android for their open source. Though the ridiculous part falls on AT&T more than Apple. AT&T charges an arm and a leg for heavily rationed 3g/4g coverage.

The one thing the iphone is good for is browsing the internet and getting transit info, it is great if you live in a city that is hooked up for it. Otherwise, it's just a smart phone but pretty much all the other smart phones out there are the same price and have similar issues.

Hopefully someone makes a chatroulette iphone application integrated w/ webcam because I still feel that I haven't seen enough dicks on a video screen in my life time. Just imagine all those cocks on the go on my iphone!


Who's really going to want to edit their videos with an iphone? "Shoot and edit with the same device" only sounds good on paper. I can only see the negative in all of this. Just picture all the videos of dudes puking on the street uploaded to youtube with a lot of star wipes. We really shouldn't be encouraging such things.

Oh, I didn't even get to the best news of the new iPhone: Farmville is going to be available on the it! I'm so thrilled I could literally and unironically shit my pants! Just imagine the productivity I could make on my fake garden when in real life the average apple user can only dream of having an actual farm.

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