Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Three Wolf Moon Shirts Ain't Got Shit On Me!

Three Wolf Moon Shirts Ain't Got Shit On Me!

Fuck you Mom, I don't want to play Xbox360, I'm a Teen Wolf! You need to watch this.. I mean, really. Just watch it.

My gut reaction to the story can be put no other way than this following Sinfield gif.

First off, Learn how to fucking pronounce Clique properly, you fucking cocksuckers! I love how the news report tries to bring you into the story. "What were you in high school?" Yesss! Finally a chance to live my glory days again! Oh white people, stop being so silly.

I like how they mention that Gangsters are posers cause they tag on the walls cause they just want attention and shit. Yet these fools wear wolf tails because? All this is, is a strange mutation of furries.

But let's go down the list of cliques. We got the Cheerleaders, nerds, jocks and goths. Oh yeah, and now we need to include the fucking werewolves. Let's not fool ourselves. These kids are just goth kids with tails. They really need to try harder.

This has got to be the gayest pretense for teenagers to hook up that I've ever seen and I was a huge fucking nerd on the computer club who played Magic:TG when I was a teenager. But again, Gangs are posers and just want attention... right. I like how this news department, instead of reporting on the war or BP's massive oil spill, the news reports on teen werewolves. Clearly a good example that we're fucked as a nation.

These kids are going to kill themselves when they are 25. I was such a douche when I was young and I wanted to kill myself and I was, like, 1% as douchey as this group. They can't even admit that they're going for the whole Team Jacob bullshit of twilight. At least grow a pair and admit to the fact that this is some "hip" attempt to cash in on Twilight craze.

This group is cooler than those werewolf teenagers

Speaking of which, Twilight is like Soccer in that everybody runs around for two hours and nobody scores, then all the fans just say you don't get it. Though they do have rough vampire sex in the last book. Which almost kills bella. She doesn't remember it, cause you know.. HA HA, Robert Patterson sucks, but then when she becomes a vampire she does. Really makes you think.. About what, I have no fucking clue. Back to the freak show here.

I really can't wait till the controversy about the werewolf imprinting and wanting to fuck the baby comes about. That's when this Twilight craze will really seem silly(ier than it already is) The only time teen werewolvness has ever been cool was the 80's and even that shit is questionable.

I worked with the star of Teen Wolf 2 and he didn't have fond memories of that shit. So maybe we should just drink till we forget this shit ever happened.

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