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Six Years Ago Today Ronald Reagan Died

Six Years Ago Today Ronald Reagan Died


FUCK REAGAN! FUCK THAT DOUCHE! I grew up thinking Ronald Reagan literally held the universal together. He was the first president that I could remember growing up. My god, what a moron I was growing up. When I realized what his stance on the issues was and how he used the time in office I realized how much of a monster he actually was.

The only joy I take in this dark world is knowing that his death was slow and painful and that he spent a decade being reduced to a gibbering mess. A broken shell of a human being trapped in his worthless decaying body. Just imagine Nancy having to witness his decline into mindlessness. But fuck her too. Her war on drugs was the largest advance in institutional racism since Jim Crow.

I will always hate you Ronald Reagan, I'm glad you died. Though ever since his funeral, when people had to pretend to like him, he's been increasingly sanctified and people are ascribing all kinds of nutty heroic shit to him. It's true that Americans think highly of Reagan..
A Gallup poll about presidential greatness, taken February 9–11, 2007, asked 1006 adults in the US, "Who do you regard as the greatest United States president?"[13]

1. Abraham Lincoln (18%)
2. Ronald Reagan (16%)
3. John F. Kennedy (14%)
4. Bill Clinton (13%)
5. Franklin Roosevelt (9%)
6. Other/None/No opinion (8%)
7. George Washington (7%)
8. Harry Truman (3%)
9. George W. Bush (2%)
10. Theodore Roosevelt (2%)
11. Dwight Eisenhower (2%)
12. Thomas Jefferson (2%)
13. Jimmy Carter (2%)
14. Gerald Ford (1%)
15. George H.W. Bush (1%)
16. Richard Nixon (0%)

A Washington College poll about presidential greatness, taken February 11, 2005, asked 800 adults in the US, "Thinking about all the presidents of the United States throughout history to the present, who would you say was America's greatest president?"[14]

1. Abraham Lincoln (20%)
2. Ronald Reagan (15%)
3. Franklin D. Roosevelt (12%)
4. John F. Kennedy (11%)
5. Bill Clinton (10%)
6. Other/Don't Know (9%)
7. George W. Bush (8%)
8. George Washington (6%)
9. Theodore Roosevelt (3%)
10. Dwight Eisenhower (3%)
11. Jimmy Carter (2%)
12. Thomas Jefferson (2%)
13. Richard Nixon (1%)
14. John Adams (<1%)>
If only he was still alive today. People wouldn't be praying for his return. After looking at that poll, I really don't know what the fuck. Yes, the average American is completely ignorant of their own country's history. I mean, I could find out a thing or two about this Reagan guy but on the other hand, if he wasn't great there wouldn't be a bunch of things named after him. So I could probably skip any personal research into the matter and just roll with everyone else in thinking that he was just that awesome of a president.

There's many reasons to hate the Gipper. In a blog recently that I put up about traveling through time, I suggested I would have saved the Gipper from the ol' gun shot that a Jodie Foster stalker inflicted. Truth is, it doesn't matter. Ronald forgot all about that gun shot long before he died anyway. A confused look on his face every morning after a shower and seeing the scar. You want to know other reasons why to hate Reagan?

-He may in fact have been Satan.

-He hated Carl Sagan

-He inadvertently created Gangsta rap.

-He LITERALLY trained Osama Bin Laden how to be a terrorist.

- No one fucked over the African American community post-civil rights as brazenly as Reagan did.

-He criticized Metrorail when it was finished in 1985, saying "It would have been cheaper to buy everyone a limousine."

If you're homeless or ever annoyed with hobos begging for chain, blame Reagan. He slashed the government mental hospital funding and basically created the homeless insane as we know them. With that budget slashing the mental hospitals just let loose the crazy onto the streets.

I get that sometimes parents do that thing sometimes where they call each other "Mother" and "Father" because the kids do, but Nancy called him "Ronnie" and he called her "Mommy".. In hindsight with the fact that he was senile that really makes you think. Then really make you feel icky.

If you ever look back at old interviews of him during his presidency you'll notice that he would wax nostalgic about his life as a young man and tell the press corps about it, but it turned out he was confusing things that happened in movie for things that happened to him but he couldn't tell because he was literally senile and also, at the same time, the MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD!

Just look at some of these interviews he gave to different news reporters;

"Sometimes I look out there at Pennsylvania Avenue and see people bustling along, and it suddenly dawns on me that probably never again can I just say "Hey, I'm going down to the drugstore to look at the magazines,'" - President Reagan discussing his feelings of confinement with a People reporter (see 12/16/82)
"Sometimes I look out the window at Pennsylvania Avenue and wonder what it would be like to be able to just walk down the street to the corner drugstore and look at the magazines. I can't do that anymore." - President Reagan conveying one of his regrets to The Washington Post (see 12/18/82) ... See More
"Sometimes I look out the window at Pennsylvania Avenue and wonder what it would be like to be able to just walk down the street to the corner drugstore and look at the magazines. I can't do that anymore." - President Reagan sharing a sudden thought with a radio interviewer
"You find yourself remembering what it was like when on the spur of the moment you could just yell to your wife that you were going down to the drugstore and get a magazine. You can't do that anymore." - President Reagan telling Time magazine about being President.
The dude just really wanted to buy a magazine, alright. Hasn't he ever heard about magazine subscriptions?

Maybe the biggest thing was the fact that he didn't give a shit about the health of the people. He just let AIDS grow into a disease that millions of people had via neglect and indifference. He has to be blamed to some degree and held responsible for everyone who dies from HIV forever as a result.

He somehow convinced the poor people that taxes helped not them but some other less hard working, browner poor and therefor was given the go ahead to stop those tax cuts. Then he spent more money on uniforms for military marching bands than the national endowment for the arts.

He was a racist who was against the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, and making MLK Day a national holiday. He supported apartheid in South Africa and kicked off his 1980 Presidential campaign in a town known for only one thing: The lynching of 3 civil rights workers in the 60's(Philadelphia, Miss.)

The speech was about "State's Rights"

Oh, and I'll tackle the biggest praise that Reagan gets.. the taking down of the USSR and the end of the cold war. Such utter bullshit. Reagan taking down the USSR is the equivalent of me going to a building schedule for demolition and yelling at it to give up. USSR was done. Communism didn't work. Sadly, we're just realizing in this last big recession that neither does Capitalism.

Then on top of all that the fucker cut every government program he could and somehow doubled the national debt. Yes, my friends.. this was REAGANOMICS! It was probably around this time that he closed all the mental institutions, but I'm sure I already said that because it needs to be said again. You know, this is why those mentally affected person are homeless and on the streets, and mistreated by the youth and most of all, themselves.

How about some more choice quotes from the man;
"Sometimes when I'm faced with an atheist, I am tempted to invite him to the greatest gourmet dinner that one could ever serve, and when we have finished eating that magnificent dinner, to ask him if he believes there's a cook." - Ronald Reagan
Well then.. FUCK YOU, REAGAN! Oh wait, I already said that.
"I've noticed everyone who is for abortion has already been born." — Ronald Reagan
Ha, this one is ironic considering that Reagan is pretty much the poster boy for the "FUCK YOU, GOT MINE" conservative fucks. The scary thing is that all of these things I'm writing are actually the exact reasons conservatives adore Reagan.

Why has there not been anyone to write a good book that debunks Reagan as the greatest president narrative that we constantly get in the media today?

You also have to remember that Nixon thought he was an idiot who should never be allowed in the same room as Gorbachev. When he was allowed in the same room as Gorbachev he proceeded to tell Soviet jokes to him instead of talking diplomacy.

So today, on this day that Ronald Reagan died, we celebrate like if the wicked witch of the west just got smashed.


one4daroad said...

Good post, a lot of good points you drop in here & I like how you let all the stress out... People like Palin will still hold this b-list actor, puppet of the bankers in high regard though, why because they are 1 in the same and the rest are just naive....Damn this world we live in.

David said...

You're an idiot.