Friday, June 11, 2010

Reading Ayn Rand Should Put You On A Watch List

Reading Ayn Rand Should Get You Put on a Watch List.

I'm not fucking kidding. Much like the Turner Diaries, Ayn Rand should get your ass on some watch list. I'm not even talking about a sort of book burning shit. If you want to read complete moronic shit go ahead and pick up a copy. But for my taste, it's just total crap.

The current economic crisis proves that capitalism has totally failed. Capitalists are never the exploited like Rand insists but are the actual exploiters. People who defend Ayn Rand just want to hide their greed behind a philosophy with more holes in it than Madoff in front of a firing squad (where him and the heads and staff of AIG, Bank of America, etc belong).

Her books are god damn boring. If you managed to read all of them, you have a high tolerance for utter shit. I once bought my dad Atlas Shrugged for Father's Day. He really liked it and thanked me. Of course it was because he needed a paperweight and/or kindling for the fire he would have to start when capitalism causes society to collapse in 3 months. Also, it wasn't a tie.

If you are going to endure the utter shit that is an Ayn Rand book, I recommend you read it with the most polluted possible bias first so that it is impossible you can see any truth to anything she says.. even for a fraction of a second.

Actually, you should just listen to Anthem by RUSH because it's about the book and it's much shorter and also Rush is a pretty good band. A shame for their shitty taste in books. How about something for the ladies? For those who said she supported complete individual liberty of women (and men), let's ask her a question. Hey Ayn Rand, if you were president---
I would not want to be president and would not vote for a woman president. A woman cannot reasonably want to be a commander-in-chief. I prefer to answer the question by outlining what a rational man would do if he were president.
-Any Rand
Not even right wingers in philosophy departments take Rand seriously because of how shallow her thought is. Everything from her metaphysics, to her ethics to her epistemology is really bad. It's like materialism for retarded children. So I have no problem in putting all those who read her books on a watch list.

I guess the problem with this watch list action goes back to what the biggest problem with McCarthyism was. That is it delegitimized itself by targeting non-communist who just happened to be sympathetic to labor struggles otherwise it could have probably been a powerful and just force for decades to come.

Looking back to the glory days of Reagan, we went ahead and freed up the market. Figuring that a free capitalistic society would get you the best deal and that everyone will flourish. It's much the same as playing a game of Monopoly. You're having fun at first when everyone is going around and buying whatever they want with their money. Only, it stops being fun an hour and a half into it when one person starts controlling everything and taking all your money. Same shit. The free market is great when it starts off. But the moment someone corners the market, you're pretty much left with nothing.

Though, reading the Twilight series should put you on a death list for being a fat middle class white Mormon bitch.

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mrinalini said...

Your post covers a very limited scope of her writing. She has not supported capitalism per se but the desire to think different and stand by what we believe. your post was immature and you sound silly contesting a belief system with evidence like the analogy of the game of monopoly. she never supported the idea of "excess" that's all that your country and it's people have ever done.. consumed in excess..