Thursday, June 17, 2010

Zombies In The Media

Zombies In The Media

What's this? Even more Zombie blogs? What ever happened to me saying I was going to shut up about zombies? Clearly they've come back from the dead. Duh!

On Monday Newsweek's online site was playing a little trick. If you put in the classic Konami code of UP UP DOWN DOWN, LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A START, then you were treated some interesting news..

You read that, the undead are among us! Oh my gosh! Their cover story on the site is NOT anything I ever would have expected Newsweek to publish. And the headline is explicityly criticizing the US military, incredibly enough.

Clicking the "Zombie" tag also leads to another hidden comedy bit. It links you to a site search for the "Tea Party" articles. Good work Newsweek. I remember when this happened last year to ESPN, except entering it triggered my little ponies all over the screen. I thought I just dropped some acid.

But speaking about zombies and video games, it reminds me of my favorite zombie video game of my youth. Zombies Ate My Neighbors

That was possibly the most funnest game on the Super Nintendo and I really do need to seek out an old system and a copy of that game because it was awesome. But back to the Newsweek thing. in the event that the articles are taken down,here's what the rest of the newsweek pieces were;


Run for the hills!

The undead have risen from their graves and invaded large portions of the east coast. Driven only by an unsatiable desire for brains, there seems to be no stopping their ruthless push forward. Residents are advised to barricade themselves in their homes and wait for further instructions. Under no circumstances should the walking dead be allowed in your house.

The Zombie Invasion Timeline

It was just three months ago that patient zero, a former British citizen living in New York, was identified as the cause of the zombie invasion. While initially considered to be a bad sinus infection, the disease quickly spread after Patient Zero ate the brains of a attending neurosurgeon.More

Fleeing the Zombie Horde: What Are Our Options?

With goverment barricades falling and traditional warfare tactics deemed ineffective, the local populace must now consider the option of fleeing as viable and advised. There are many options depending on an individuals geographical location, however most zombie experts expressly advise against running for the hills without proper preparation. One must take into consideration the hazardous effects natural elements such as rain and cold weather can have, especially in cold winter months.More

No End in Sight for Undead Feast

The haunted continue to walk the streets, often heard moaning 'BRAAAAAIIIIIINS!' [paraphrased]. With their unstoppable quest for human brains the undead have shown no signs in slowing down their pursuit or consumption of our most precious organs. A noted chef suggests, 'While zombies will eat any organ, they most definitely have a preference for our soft cranial tissue. It is easily digestible, and once the tough outer skull is removed quite simple to recover.'More

Go For the Head

Several close combat experts have reiterated how important it is to strike a zombie directly in the head with a large blunt weapon. Only by smashing their brains can you be certain the approaching undead will not rise again and feast on your exposed limbs.More

Then there's always the question on what the following link is a countdown to? It starts with the flu It's a mystery! Now for a teaser of the next Zombie chat...

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