Monday, November 19, 2018



With it being the holidays right around the... holy shit, NEXT WEEK?!  Fuck! What the fuck, man. How is it already Thanksgiving so soon? I was not prepared for this shit and now I'm freaking out. Good news! The holidays is the time of year that it's perfectly accepted to not only give and receive copious amounts of alcohol, but it's also perfectly acceptable to drink so much because how else will you deal with the crushing realization that family sucks, your life is a mess and maybe, just maybe the new year will bring something that is not misery.

Ha ha. just kidding, nothing but death and despair is awaiting us in 2019.  Spoiler alert, I know. But still. What can we talk about Blended Scotch!

It's a simple gift for those who you just always assumed had a drinking problem and well, why not encourage that shiiiii during this time of the year.

Here's a hot take, forget the importance of single barrel cask. Blended scotch is something that you should be happy about. This whole obsession with single malt is just a stupid whiskey snob thing fromwhen you just could get a really good or a really bad bottle depending on the malt you chose. Master distillers are able to create rich and tapestries of interesting flavors in blended scotches more readily than a single origin whisky could on its own.  Especially with things like cognac where blends get you the depth of flavor you're looking for.

Also, this obsession with peat flavor is getting out of fucking hand. None is just flat out bad, a little is pretty good, but more reaches to the point of there being a diminishing return and you get to these bog monsters that taste like you're drinking liquid smoke and chewing on a box of cigars and dirt. It will, no matter what, over power every other subtle taste in that distillate. It's a fucking waste.

It's why the obsession with increasingly hoppy IPA's doesn't make you a beer snob, you just learn to like literally one flavor and your palate is totally wrecked otherwise. Learning to like something that has a one note strong flavor isn't a sign of mastering or even having any amount of sophistication.

That's why I say with confidence that many of the blended whiskys are among the best in the world and it has nothing to do with marketing. It's just plain and simple good flavors blending together. A good example of this is the Kirkland 28 year blend vs the 21 year single malt. Both were solid, but the 28 year blend blew it away in smoothness and flavor.

Usually when I get a single malt, I end up pretty disappointed one way or another in the long term on it. Blends, on the other hand, are consistently solid. So don't dismiss blended scotches cause they're fucking amazing.

Your drunk uncle will thank you for this piece of advice. Just be careful cause he'll go full racist after drinking some.

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