Saturday, November 17, 2018



I mean, it comes in bulk, so we have way more than enough. Okay, yet another post about Costco. I know, you're goddamn tired of it already. But fear not, this is just another informative little post about the bestest place on earth.

Let's talk about the Chicken Bake.  Some would say that it doesn't get enough respect. I say it gets too much. Sure, I guess you can consider a baked chicken wrap to be tasty, but the fucker is way too bland. They take the chicken, I guess that wasn't used for the salad and just over all make it way too bready.

Then you have to make sure that you have one end wrapped so it doesn't just leak all the juices all over your pants. Because they will do that. I can't have mercy for food that will just try to fuck you over at any given moment.

The thing you need to get from the food court is always plain and simple - a fat slice of pizza or a hot dog with the soda side car is always, ALWAYS a better option. The chicken caesar salad is pretty solid as well. So you can take your lava hot ranch pocket somewhere else cause it sucks and should have been the first one to get cut from the costco food court menu.

But now that we are here, let's just get it out of the way. Thanksgiving is around the corner. this year the third week of the month, so it's right fucking here. Costco is perfect for this sort of situation, but you have to know when to go and when to not.  I would highly suggest going about 30-40 minutes before closing. They lock the gate on you when the hours of operation is done, but you can shop at your own schedule and not have to worry about the madness that comes from the check out.

Weekdays are also amazing. So go for it on those shopping on Tuesday-Thursday runs. You'll thank me greatly. 

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