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This post won't really matter to you if you aren't one of those folks who wanders around Downtown Disney at all. I mean, It's going to generally yap on about how the park this and that or whatever, but yeah. Just a little bit of a warning and now writing this out I feel sort of stupid for doing so.

Anyhow, in the Downtown Disney area of the Disney Resort where ESPN zone, Rain forest Cafe and Earl of Sandwich is located, right before the other Disneyland hotels, there was a major construction plan to build a diamond resort to increase, well, who knows. I thought the idea was pretty dumb since you just have all those other Disney hotels right there, but Disney figured why not and since they pay the city essentially nothing with all the incentives they get, they went for it. Closed down all those spots, including the movie theater and then the project sat.

And sat....

for a really long time.

Why? Well, a report came out about how little Disney pays in taxes to the city for the property of parking lot that they put up and a lot of folks got mad and started reviewing all the future projects. This five star hotel was one of them.

You see, it's a complicated situation. On the one hand, I think the tax breaks given to this multi-billion dollar business are absurd, but in the other hand, I love the shrewdness of the Disney business move of basically saying if you aren't going to give us the tax incentives, well then we're not going to build a hotel that will bring in millions in tax revenue for Anaheim and provide over 1000 permanent jobs. The pettiness is just oh so sweet.

For the most part, the whole project is just as dead as a doorknob. The empty ESPN ZONE and Rainforest cafe remain. Earl of Sandwich re-opened and the movie theater is still closed and probably gutted by now.  So I have to ask, why don't we have an Indiana Jones themed restaurant up in this bitch already?

Disney Springs, or whatever the fuck they want to call Downtown Disney in Florida has their own version of a nod to Indiana Jones in Jock Lindsey's bar. It's that one character that you see flying the plane in Raiders of the lost Ark. Seriously, he had a total of 4 minutes screen time and they decided to do a low key Indiana Jones themed bar at a disney resort for him.  So why can't the original resort get something along those lines?

The Rain Forest Cafe was god awful in every possible way you can describe a place to eat. The food, the service, the "show", but the building itself looks perfect for a make over and turning it into an Indiana Jones themed dining experience with a bar. It looks like a temple and I can picture the food themed as well as drink and most of all, the area. The area is perfect for something Doctor Jones would be seen in. So Disney, can we please work on this?

It may not be a 700 room luxury five star hotel, but it's fucking the perfect thing to do with that location and you really don't want to bring Rainforest cafe back, do you? That just lowered your image and brand appeal. But putting in an internal property based item here. Now that is something everyone can get behind.

Think about it. Call me. I have ideas for drinks and food items.

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