Sunday, November 4, 2018



Well, here we are. Doing the time warp again. We're going BACK.... IN TIME!  Yes Marty, Morty... whatever the fuck your name is. We're going back to the future. Or the past. You see, it's that time of year where we do some strange crazy Doctor Who adventure that makes us go back in time an hour when we hit 2am because if we didn't, well then all time and space would be a cosmic fart in the wind, so to speak.

But yes, here we are - It's 2am and the bars kicked you out even though it's actually 1am. What the fuck, bars. I mean, look at the time, it's still an hour till closing. You're going to have to do your last call speech again in 20 minutes and then take another hour to shuffle morons out of your establishment. But that's the nature of this day and a 2am last call.

What was the adventure we went on? Oh, I can't tell you. We literally had to erase the last hour and your memory of it just so that we can save the galaxy and here you are with another 1am to relive. Enjoy it. I mean, you only get that hour back until April anyway. Then it's all tits up and goes away for half of the year.

It's not like it even helps that much in the short term since Halloween is still happening during the time when it has more light out. I guess that's good for children and what not, but what about the look and feel of Halloween? That needs to have far more darkness, I say. Oh well. Here's the typical video I post in this situation because I'm predictable and well, the gag never really gets old for me - and in the end, isn't that who I'm writing for in this silly ol' blog?

In short, change your clocks back an hour before you go to bed, or if you're like me... you know, not sleeping, just realize that 1am happened twice.

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