Sunday, November 18, 2018



You remember that movie, right?  Society can't have children anymore. I mean, it sounded like some sort of dystopian future hellscape, but then again, we currently have Donald Trump as president, so the future is pretty bleak after all. Likewise, the film in titled is also probably going to be the reality soon. For you see, Men's sperm have been decreasing in number and they're getting worse at swimming for some time now. Which pretty much means, eventually men will be not able to be that partner in producing off spring.

A new study shows that at the very least, U.S. and Europe are facing the problem that men's sperm counts and sperm motility have declined in the past decade. They're not getting any better, you see. It's all down hill from here. As hard as it is to hear that we aren't arising to the occasion as men, we're not packing it where it counts anymore.

One study presented at the ASRM summit found that with fertility centers in New Jersey and a fertility center in Spain, that the percentage of nearly 120,000 male infertility patients whose total motile sperm count numbered more than 15 million - anything below that is considered low counts. decreased from 85% in the 2002-2005 period to 79% in the period of 2014-2017. So basically the worse swimmers are getting even worst. And that's just not to those who suffer low counts. Studies found that it was also a situation where those who did have good swimmers were now lowering their viability in terms of swimmers and strength.

So what is the cause of this situation turning in to a sort of "Children of Men" situation? Seems like there was no clear cut definitive underlying cause for the fall from grace. They did say that the more chemical exposure and increasingly sedentary lifestyle may have something to do with it. Meaning, we're sitting on our asses far too long and I'm sure that's just warming up the boys before they go on a major swim, if you catch my drift.

This isn't new. in the 70's and 80's there was a lot of studies that suggested sperm counts to be on the decline as well, but those were largely ignored and dismissed because fuck you, that's why. how dare you talk about my sperm that way! They're winners, I tell you. WINNERS! But yeah, those studies were ignored because folks thought they were bias. Even though just blaming it on environmental changes could have easily bypassed any sort of insecurities that they would have received from thinking it was of fault of their own on the whole decline.

The concept that the modern era has introduced us to far more chemicals post World War as the major factor just seems to make too much sense to ignore. And yeah, what do we do from that point? I guess not a whole lot. Accept it that we, as a species in being able to reproduce in the classic natural sense is getting harder and harder.

Good riddance, I say. One day men won't be needed and we can all relax and not have to bother. Or women will realize this and they'll just line us up against the wall. I'm pretty sure that once we are discovered to be completely useless, because let's be honest, I have had to ask for help in opening jars lately, then the whole system will collapse in on itself and now with low swimmer quality, I just don't know what the point of keeping us around anymore. So, well, it was a good run while lasted. Nice knowing you all. Maybe we shouldn't have eaten all those MGO foods so quickly. Ah, the downfall of society in tv dinners! Who would have figured.

though, sex still can be a fun activity without the need of procreation, right?

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