Tuesday, November 20, 2018



At this point we can be honest with ourselves about this whole social media platform. It's really the fucking worse and we keep looking past the fact that you aren't really a person. No, you're nothing more than some data collected to sell you products. We accepted that when it comes to television that the program isn't really there for your enjoyment but simply to keep your attention in between advertisements.

Facebook started out as a means to socialize with your network of people, but once they realized how much your data was worth, the whole thing just became one big surveillance system disguised as a class reunion. Here's a pretty honest advertisement for the company made by John Oliver's Last Week Tonight;

Even more so when just a bit ago everyone noticed they had to log back into their account for some strange reason. Well, that reason was pretty fucking clear;

To protect your security, we may have recently logged you out of your Facebook account. On September 25th, 2018, we discovered an attack on our system where attackers stole Facebook access tokens. Access tokens are the equivalent of digital keys that attackers could then have used to take over other people's accounts. By logging people out, we prevent attackers from using the tokens to access these accounts.
We don't know yet if anyone's Facebook information was accessed, but we wanted to let you know what we're doing to protect your account. We're continuing to investigate the situation and have informed law enforcement about the issue. If we find that more people have been affected, we'll immediately log them out and then let them know what happened.
If you've been logged out, you will need to log back into your account to continue using Facebook or other apps you log into using Facebook. There's no need for anyone to change their passwords. But if you're having trouble logging back into your account,
Ah, so that explains why we all had to log back into facebook on all our devices. Clearly Facebook is fucking garbage

Now you're probably wondering, what the fuck important information do they have on me anyway? Nothing can be that useful, right? I mean. yeah. You are a pretty boring person after all. But even if you didn't throw anything personal away, you would be a little freaked out if someone was going through your trash specifically looking for tiny bits of information on you.  Do you want to be freaked out by how much information Google and Facebook collect on you? Well, don't read this then.  

I'm serious, that link is fucking scary when you think about how much small data social media and the other internet companies collect on you on the daily. I thought that those films we saw in our youth about an overreaching controlling government were just dystopian future views that could never come to be. That we would never accept that sort of world where we allow that much tracking on ourselves. Yet here we are. We choose to actively do this to ourselves all to show off to one another in how great our lives are. This is really scary and really sad. And yet our addiction to this technology will not allow us to stop giving away our information for the price of connectivity.

China is working on fully converting to a social merit base system where your lifestyle is completely dictated on how you get credit and where your status is. Buy booze in the stores and have your face recognized, and you may not be able to buy train tickets as you're lower on the social chain as other GOOD citizens. We look at that and think that's too far, yet we actively walk around giving our every location away, our daily activities and all other sorts of things to these companies who sell that info to third parties for who knows what purpose.

This shit is scary and I don't think we can get off this train ride anymore. We're all in and this is just going to get worse.

But hey, at least we know which friend's birthday it is and can see who's getting married soon!!!!

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