Friday, November 2, 2018



Today is Dia de Muertos, or, you know, that Dead person Christmas Mexicans celebrate. It is a time when we leave offerings to those who have gone on before us into the greater unknown and we reflect on them and their life.

This year a lot of the actions my father did in his life... basically came at me like a ton of bricks and I had to deal with it. Even though I didn't have the best time with all the mess he left, I still took the time to go visit his grave and just sit with him... with my emotions for a tiny bit. I don't know what really came out of it. But I do know that this day is special to me, because it was special to him and he imparted the importance of this cultural awareness and celebration on me.

But yeah, I have, in the last two weeks, lost two cats and I wrote about it, so, you know, if you wanted to actually read about that. It's there. Not to far back. They're amazing guys and I will miss those cats and am happy for what they brought to my life the last ten years. 

Anyhow, yeah. I don't know really what to write today. It's one of those heavy days. So I'll just leave this space blank or something. I dunno. go reflect. It's a heavy day.

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