Wednesday, November 14, 2018



This is going to be an odd piece. It stems from a moment when I typed in some word that I knew was going to be misspelled because... I mean, we live in an era where we don't have to know everything anymore. Information is at our finger tips and we can just choose to draw it from our smart phones, the internet, or ask a friend. We honestly don't have to remember much of anything and that is making our brain muscles not have to pump the serious iron it once was required.

But you see, I spelled it out at the best way it could and sure enough, it was wrong. I mean, very wrong. So wrong that when I right clicked it to see how the correct spelling of the word was, it didn't even suggest anything because it was that fucking wrong.

It made me feel bad for a moment. Like, woah, I was that much off the mark. How the hell did I sound it out so bad - Then I remembered that English is a stupid language with so many contradictions and "Oh, except for this time sound it out like this" and missing letters that you don't even have to give a fuck about - but wait, this one time you do, that there's no point. We are all fucked in trying to communicate with one another without just getting into World War III because we just simply didn't know the correct spelling or pronunciation of something.

Then I realized it wasn't that bad. No one is perfect and that's why pencils have erasers. Well, if you even still use things like pencils. What are you, some kind of artist? Enjoy your inability to make a living wage!

Back to it. That feeling of being so wrong that not even technology can attempt to come inf or the save. Yeah, that's not the best feeling in the world. It means that even in 2018 with the advance technology that we have created to one day replace ourselves in every aspect, we are still flawed and the robots still don't know what we are trying to convey in terms of statements.

I guess the point of this mind rant is that maybe we should get better at communicating with our future overlords. It'll help in the long run.

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