Saturday, November 10, 2018



A slew of pop up experiences have been happening as a more common thing in the past few years. These temporary installments just seem to have the right kind of "Limited time" factor to draw your interest even if you aren't all that interested in them to begin with. Cause hell, if you tell someone that they could only see something for a specific and short time, they'll more than likely want to do it.

From Star Wars bars to Tim Burton pop up restaurants and strange museums that have no place existing like one for ice cream and other pointless bullshit. We have Saved by the bell themed stops. Most of which just end up being permanent instillation because of the mad amount of money they make off that "limited" title. What I'm here to type to you about right now is not going to be nice and neat. It's also probably going to sound pretty mean. I can sometimes fall into the being considered a jerk because I have a strong opinion about something... But those pop ups, those little moments in life you think are fleeting and you want to jump on them... well, they're making you forget the bigger picture. That is that life is about experiences and to have experiences you have to actually be willing to experience them.

The majority of these pop ups come dressed up with the whole aspect of this being a limited time thing and that in itself makes you feel like it's something more important than it actually is, giving you the reason and rationale that you should show it off to others. At some point the experience gets put on the back burner and the main focus is how much you can flash this in the face of others. You lose track that these moments aren't actually about an experience..

The moment is fleeting and more than anything else, as much as we deny it, the general idea of these places isn't to experience it, it's to brag about it on social media in an attempt to generate likes. It's not for enrichment anymore. I think that's the take away. It was once a situation where you would go tot he grand canyon to experience a breathtaking view. Now it has become a situation of narcissism that we do these things just to get the approval of others or to show off this life we claim to be living. That in itself doesn't generate and cement long lasting memories but instead just makes them disposable.

Much like we don't have to remember anyone's phone number because it's in a digital machine in our pockets, we don't have to actually experience the situation. We snap a picture and that was the extent of really embracing and creating this situation.

I would say as we approach this time of year of family togetherness, seeing old friends and new and sharing moments, that you perhaps sit in those moments a little more. Don't put your face in a phone. Don't just check out in to a world of what others are doing. Sit and embrace the moment you are creating with them. You don't have to snap chat or instagram that hang out. You can just live it and I'm sure it'll be a whole lot better an experience because you aren't distracted with the concept of how many people  you can show that off to.

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