Wednesday, November 21, 2018



I have to admit, I'm still one of those that plays Pokemon Go. I don't know why, it's fun in times of boredom. But when they first announced a Detective Pikachu movie, I was scratching my head on as to how it would be.... um.. fun? I don't know. But seeing the trailer, I realize that it's the movie I never knew I wanted, but holy shit I want more of it already.

First, let's get this out of the way, Pikachu is a combination of Pika, a type of lagomorph and relative of a rabbit, and chu is the word for mouse's squeaking noise in Japan. That is how you get the creation of this creature. But because he was a detective in some 3DS game, they decided to port that into a film and well, you get this...

Yes, you just watched that. It exist. I mean, it just looks so surreal and well, what the hell not. But makes me wonder about the Detective Pikachu that I would envision.....

*Detective Pikachu surveilles the crime scene*

Watson: What do you think, detective? Everyone says it was Blastoise who killed Charizard! The inspector is holding him while we check the scene.

Pikachu: Pika pika, pi--ka! (No, dear Watson, I'm afraid Blastoise is being framed!)

Watson: Amazing! How do you know, Pikachu?

Pikachu: Pika pi, pi pika pikachu! (Judging from the contraction of Charizard's body we can surmise he was indeed killed by a water type pokemon. But the water canons in Blastoise's shell fire with great force, and it seems there is almost no water dispersal in the room at all. Almost no trace of water damage or exposure to any other contents in the room at all!)

Watson: By god, so he really was framed. But then who is the real killer?

Pikachu: Pikachu pi (elementary, my dear Watson). Pi--ka, pi pi, Pi-KA-chu, pika. (The inspector noted the unusual presence of mold in this dwelling. But mold thrives in damp environments, while Charizard's home would undoubtedly be hot and dry at all hours. An analysis of the enzymes reveals the truth. You see, many common molds share certain compositional elements with vines...)

Watson: Vines! Are you saying a plant-type did this? How could a plant-type overpower a fire-type? It's not very eff...

Pikachu: Pi!!! Pika pika? pi-KA-chu pika pi! Pika.... chu. (Overpower!! No dear Watson, not overpower. You see the concentration of moisture wear near the cracks in that wall? That is where he came in. That attacker was none other than Bulbasaur! From outside the building he worked his vines into the room and onto the ceiling, after having stored a great amount of water in them, water from Blastoise! Once the vines were poised over Charizard, his great heat withered them, and they released the water on him. That is how he was killed with seemingly no water damage to the surroundings. The attack was... super effective.)

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