Friday, November 16, 2018



I figure that with the Holidays coming at a rampant rate as well as the whole fact that they are filled with chances to over eating, I think it's just about time to start eating a little healthier. Bet you're thinking the biggest and best option would be to just eat at Subway, right?

Eh, I mean, let's hold off on the talk about the eating fresh aspect and let's just talk about the fact that they are getting rid of their $5 foot long special altogether. It's something that I can't actually remember a time when Subway didn't have that low low cost option for a subway.

But let's get on to the health aspect. Nothing says healthier living like a foot long meatball sub! Sure, a 6'' has less calories than a big mac meal, but then again, who the fuck is eating at McDonalds anyway in this day and age?

Don't even count on the veggies. I remember having a girlfriend back in the day who at one point in her life was a sandwich artist, she would tell me that her boss, aside from doing hardcore drugs (talk about health food location!) would tell them to only put a few olives on, as it was one of the most expensive veggies is indeed the olive. So if you want to stick it to that place, always ask for more olives.

I believe the quote was  "It's free, but make them work for it!"   Something like five olives was the max you can put on at one time. Pickles were also an expensive item.  She told me about this one guy who ate up the stupid Jared bullshit health stuff and would get a veggie delight, the cheapest of all the sandwiches there, and they would load it the fuck up with olives and pickles and then put a bunch of mayo and ranch on it. Sounds like a healthy and now expensive for the company sandwich.

But she told me that once she had to keep loading the sandwich up with olives five at a time as the boss just stood in the back scoffing and scowling at this whole situation and just hurting at how much profits this shitty sandwich was just costing him. All while the health kick guy was just enjoying the amount of olives being poured on.

Part of me wants to believe that this guy just knew the stupid policies. Somewhere in his mind he figured out the system and was just saying fuck you to the whole company. Maybe he was a past employee. Either way, he was fucking Subway over good that day.

At this point you're probably wondering how the fuck could a sandwich really cost them that much. I mean, Subway charges like 10 dollars for a sandwich when it is all said and done. So it's comical that they got rid of the $5  sandwiches. I doubt that with the fear of losing customers, they just suddenly figure out that they have to make things more expensive. I guess that doesn't sound like the best business model after all.

I think the general outline of what I'm spitting out here is basically why I haven't eaten there in a long long time. not even with the massive amounts of coupons that just appear at any given time and would much rather go to another local sandwich stop. They're generally always better and a lot cheaper and make your sandwich with better quality stuff than shit I have heard horror stories about.

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