Monday, November 5, 2018



Magic Skeleton.   It's Sunday the day you realize that nothing can stop you now. Because you are a magic skeleton packed with meat and animated with electricity and imagination. You have a cave in your face full of sharp bones and five tentacles at the end of each arm. You can do anything, magic skeleton

Tweet from Chuck Wendig
I like that. I like that whole thing. It's really cool. And actually, it means a lot coming from me to praise a tweet because I hate the whole culture of typing in 144 characters. Such brevity is no place for writing. But then again, I am a wordy motherfucker.

Back to that description of the human body and how amazing it is, another approach to see yourself is as a giant meaty donut. Yup. Like most donuts, you have a hole in your center. It starts in your mouth and goes to your butt-hole. That is a tube. So in a sense, you're empty on the inside. Somehow you retain all the acids in your stomach and many many many miles of intestines.

But yeah, you're completely hallow on the inside. You are a giant meat creature wrapped around a system that converts food and water into energy before it expels it out the other end. Rather strange of nature to create us, if you really think about it.

I think that unique ability to be alive and that most all animals on this planet has that same sort of complete hole from end to end design as a functional way of surviving to be something that evolution must have trouble shot for a long time before realizing such a crazy concept could be applied for the purpose of... surviving. Just imagine if natural selection favored the slimy osmosis blobs instead. You'd d think that lump sort of mounds of plasma would be sexy and not the fine curves of the opposite sex.

Really makes you think, don't it?

I mean, not really. This is all sort of "Friday talk", which means I'm just throwing shit against the wall and seeing what sticks in terms of my writing style. Yes, this is the stuff that is inside my mind. My mind, by the way, is enclosed, unlike how my mouth and butt is connected. Yours is to, so stop your shit talking. Har har. Get it? No. Okay, let's move on.

I think the general take away from all this is the human body is a complex and crazy fucking thing and you should respect it for what it is and what it does for you daily. In this case, slowly transfers and converts the food you eat into energy without it just completely dropping out of your system before you had a chance to do so.

Of course, that's also if you didn't eat something that just went right through you - such as some insanely hot Nashville Fried Chicken... in which case, your body just gave up, bro. No amount of evolution can prepare for that sort of shit.

Enjoy your friday and your awesome body in its attempt to be a human donut and magic skeleton of power. 

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