Wednesday, November 28, 2018



You know, by now you should realize that I talk about Costco like Buba from Forest Gump talks about shrimp. I know that shit inside and out. I once worked there in my youth pushing those god awful carts with a piece of fucking rope. I go on average of about two times a week to a costco. I live that Costco lifestyle.

But let's just talk about the gas.

It's cheap there. Really cheap. You need a membership to access the gas pumps, and the price is really good, but let's just say that sometimes that cheap price brings a lot of crowds out to it. The last time I drove by the local costco with a gas station the line to get in to the pumps was wrapped in an insane fashion for at least a quarter mile and about 50 cars deep just to get in there. That's the worst I have ever seen it. I just flat out refuse to pump gas at the Alhambra one because the line is always stupid insane as well.

So the thought comes to mind that yeah, you're saving a few bucks, but you're burning so much savings by idling in line for gas, so you may a well be better off going somewhere else for a quick fill up. Not to mention that you're also wasting a lot of precious time.

I mean, I've been poor and desperate to save a few bucks whenever possible, but even then I'd say that $3.15 for costco gas vs $3.25 for any other station for a 10-15 gallon tank for like a whole $2 savings is jut not worth spending 30 minutes waiting and the amount of gas you are using standing there. I'm also not really patient, so I guess that just rules out my ability to do any of that shit.

The times I have gone to a costco gas is if my tank is almost empty and I'm at costco or near one and there's no line or anything. But otherwise, fuck that shit. It's just not worth the zoo that you have to deal with when I can be in and out at any other place for a buck or two more.

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