Sunday, November 11, 2018



At this point you should realize that democracy doesn't work for you anymore. We have a new supreme court judge who was shoe horned in there for no good reason other than he is going to dictate more rules for which a woman has to live by in how they use their bodies. The whole #MeToo movement is pretty much white noise for them and it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things to them as they will do what they want.

Republicans are basically playing a game that they don't care if they lose the next cycle of votes, I mean, why the fuck would they want to be in government right now anyway, the blame of failure is going to go on Trump for whatever he does in the next few years and even with a house that is flipped to be democratic, the best anyone can hope for is that it doesn't get worse. It won't get better.

The GOP figured if they lost the cycle but made sure they had a young supreme court appointed that will last several decades, than nothing else matters. This whole thing is fucked and it's a sad state of the nation that we have to live through this when it seemed like progress was getting made.

Let's put it this way, your supreme court is now made up of 3 men who have been accused of sexual misconduct and not one fuck is given. Yet these folks hear the biggest of the cases that effect our nation. This is pretty wild to think about.  If you felt misrepresented before as a woman, I'm sorry, but it only got worse now.

Even worse is that Trump had the Supreme court appointed asshole do his swearing in at the white house. Past presidents have avoided this to make sure that there was a separation between the branches and to make it NOT appear like they are in the pocket of the sitting president. Yeah, that shit is just more proof that none of this matters to them, vote them fucking out in November because fuck it. Fuck it all

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