Tuesday, November 6, 2018



Look, I get it, you're passionate about a cause. We all have those causes that we want to support, I just ask that you stop doing some stupid dog and pony show about it to get me to care. The biggest one is cancer races. I thought you liked running? oh, you mean if I pay you a certain amount per mile you'll run even more? Wait, is this some sort of black mail now? I don't get it.

I had a cousin send me a link to donate for them playing video games for 24 hours straight. A.) Isn't that shit what you normally do anyway? Oh, my bad, will this time NOT include the mid day trips to taco bell for that Mt. Dew variant and $5 fill up box?

Are you passionate about something? Know what, just educate me on the cause in a fashion that doesn't feel like a lecture and I'll probably donate to it as well without you having to do a stupid dog and pony show. Stop acting like shit you normally like to do anyway is such a burden that you will force yourself to do so in exchange for a donation. I'll have more respect for you with you just actually telling me what it is about this cause that really strikes at you.

Most of the times these sort of  "I'll do X for Y amount of time if you sponsor me are nothing more than what you normally do and they most of all, don't even tell me about the actual thing you're bringing awareness for. All it does tell me is that you want the attention, it also really just undermines the whole awareness bringing because you're burying the lead of what the actual cause is. Stop making this shit about you and start making it about the actual awareness you wanted to bring forward.

That's just me ranting, but hey, if you like me ranting, perhaps you can donate to my cause and for every paragraph I rant, It will donate more to the cause of.... well, I got nothing.

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