Monday, December 15, 2008

American Protesters Are Pussies

American Protesters Are Pussies

I can't blame the internet itself for how terrible the users are on it are. It's like blaming a gun when someone gets shot. It's not the guns fault the douche pulled the trigger. Case in point is the latest run of shoe related humor.

Send your shoe to a library.

Got an old pair of shoes lying around, waiting to be used in a ritual gesture of disrespect? Send 'em to the GW Bush liberry so they can put them on the My Pet Goat shelf.

George W. Bush Presidential Library
c/o SMU
6425 Boaz Lane
Dallas TX 75205
The shoe missed Bush but hit internet humor square in the nuts. Is this seriously I hope that everyone that sends shoes is captured and tortured. What is the point of this? Civil defiance to a president we elected. I didn't vote for the tool, but I'll accept that my voice isn't always part of the majorities.

They're basically putting shoes where children's books should be? Why won't someone think of the children? As if education wasn't bad enough, let's take the space for new books and put shoes there. How about we just tie shoelaces together and hang shoes from a power line? It'll clearly show us trying to hang the bastard! We're only giving this whole situation a higher pedestal than it deserves.

I'd rather give my old shoes to the poor via Goodwill. At least that way someone will get some good out of them. Libraries are already unappealing to most children, do we need to make them more unappealing by stinking them up with old shoes?

This isn't tea and we aren't making some huge gesture by putting shoes in his library. Then again, Americans didn't want tea and crumpets. Americans drink coffee! Delicious American coffee from the mountains of Columbia. Hey, I didn't say which America. I didn't see mass amounts of cigars and stained dresses go to the Clinton library when that whole thing went down. (Oh terrible puns)

I have one thing to say to you people who think this is a good idea. Man up and go to the White house and toss your shoe if you feel like you need to make a statement. I look back at the hippie peace/love movements and all I see is loafers (puns!) who were nothing but lazy when it came to protesting or even expressing their opinion. Here's a couple of pictures of the real way you protest. Enough of your pussy "mail a shoe" shit!

So come on people, grow a pair. Step it up a notch (Pun!)

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