Friday, December 5, 2008


Happy Repeal Day!

December 5th 1933. After 13 long years of sneaking around from speak easy to going blind in the comfort of your own moonshine shack the 21nd Amendment passed bringing to an end the Prohibition. This is reason enough to lift your glass up and toast. We regained the right to get drunk and do embarrassing things in public places.

It's Friday. Which means I'm more than likely getting toasted right now. That's code for "I don't want to write content today." In the place of my thoughts, which are obviously that I love drinking, here's a bunch of pictures from those dark (and dry) times.


Someone is going to have a party tonight!

That's a lot of homemade strawberry lemonade, chief.

Odd. These women would benefit from beer goggles.

Political cartoons... when will you ever learn?

This guy really needs a strong drink after all that work.

Yeah, that looks like my baths, alright.

Oh racism.. how you'll outlaw booze but still keep that around?


The cop would prob. join in if given the chance.

I.... don't know..

I want what he's having!

Someone fell off the wagon.. and farted too!

Thankfully it wasn't anytime soon or we'd see a ton of
Prohibition = Fail signs around.

To add some content into this blog post instead of just running my mouth around, let's touch on the subject of making it legal to drink for longer periods of time. That's something that I never got. Why is the cut off time at 2 am? In Vegas you can go all night drinking without any concern. While I understand that zoning laws prohibit all businesses from opening at all hours in the night, making it a 2am cut off time limits

It looks like D.C. is gearing up for a party come January.
The D.C. Council is considering legislation today that would allow bars to serve alcohol until 5 a.m. -- three hours longer than current regulations allow -- and remain open 24 hours a day from Jan. 17 through 21 to serve crowds in town for the inauguration.

That's what the inauguration needs, more drinking hours! In all seriousness, I think it's a better system. You don't have those chugging down three or four before last call simply because it's last call. I've been to plenty of places that don't have a cut off time or have an extended cut off time and you see people spread their drinks out better over the course of the night. Then again MADD would never be for the idea of extending the hours one can drink even though it makes logical sense.

To them and to all others let the lesson of Prohibition be learned. You can try to control the flow of alcohol but as long as there's a will in a person to drink, no matter what time it is, they'll find a bottle to drown their sorrows away. So lift up a pint glass today and enjoy the freedom of drinking. Something that Americans didn't have the choice to enjoy for 13 years.

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