Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fuck You Internet

Fuck You Internet

That's it you series of pipes, I have had it with you. You saw the line and you crossed it one too many times. You openly pissed in the eye of your masters while youtubin' it. Your reckless behavior and crossed into the realm where you weren't suppose to cross. Yesterday I praised the good will of the internet in the work of those wacky Desert Bus folks enduring hell and hell to donate money to a charity. Today I just can't do anything but feel sick to my stomach at how you're embarrassing me.

Not since 9/11 has this nation suffered through an attack on our shores like this. I speak, of course of Thanksgiving being defaced and mocked at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. You see, we all got Rickroll'd in the worse way.

As if that internet meme wasn't around long past its date of expiration. Like bad milk sitting in the fridge. Sure it tasted great the day you got it. Even a week or two later it was still fun to pull it on your friends. Eventually it passes its prime and becomes as rancid and nasty to even smell as what Rick Ashtley has unleashed on us. Not to mention the fact that it was a terrible lip sync. That was worse than Brittney Spears bad. Could they not record a newer track of that to make SOME effort?

The trouble began long ago. Back when being Rick Roll'd was sort of humorous. Even Family Guy's attempt at it was met with a more sincere effort. It helped that it was in context of a Back to the Future parody. The joke seems to have been beaten into the ground. I heard talk that on some EA game being tested they are using Rickroll as a place holder. You see the signs and the meme show up all over the place. Are the kids alright? Were the kids even born in time for this video? Inquiring minds want to know.

Back to the Parade talk. I can't even put this into the Weird section of this whole blogs theme. It wasn't very weird. Ok, maybe it was. I mean, Rick was singing that he was never gonna give you up and let you down to a group of imaginary monsters who were just that... given up and let down. Way to go and shatter my heart, Rick. Why don't you just go to Amnesiac ward of a hospital and sing Simple Minds Don't you (Forget about me). Fucking asshole!

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