Thursday, December 25, 2008



As if the death count for Christmas wasn't enough with the previous blog, I have some sad news in the Batman world to report. Eartha Kitt died today. I guess we got our group of three deaths.
First Bettie Page dies and then Majel Barrett- Roddenberry beams out. Now Eartha? Tragic.

As you can tell from that very descriptive AP wire report, it's still pretty damn frrrrrrrrresh news. I should feel bad about all the puns I am thinking about here but I did go on a rant to a family member about how extremely uncharitable the song "Santa Baby" was. It's just classic "I'm a woman, gimme gimme gimme!" drivel. I'm sure glad that womens rights advanced enough that we're all equal now.. oh wai....

Who knew hairballs were carcinogenic.

I was more of a fan of Batgirl... well, borderline obsessed with Batgirl would be a more accurate way to put it. But I did respect Eartha for her role as Catwoman. Nothing was more imprinting than her method of rolling those R's in a way that no one else could possibly imagine. Toss in Emperor's New Groove and you'll see how perrrrrrrRrrrrfect she did in sounding evil.

So to you, the best Catwoman, I say farewell.

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