Monday, December 22, 2008

Mice Suspected In Deadly Cat Fire

Mice Suspected In Deadly Cat Fire

Going on the record as being a big pussy and getting all emotional for animals, it's easy to see that I do what I can for animals without homes. While I may not like the fact that the humane society puts down the "less desirable" animals I do respect the work that they do in putting a pet into someones home.

So when I heard that a humane society burned down and killed a lot of potential pets it really made me sad. Then I read today that mice chewing through wires are to blame, and honestly I can't help but crack a bit of a smile and laugh because shit, that's pretty odd.

Then again, it's not so much ironic as it is coincidence I don't want to be an Alanis song or anything. Mice killing cats isn't the norm, but it's not like we need to stop mice extremism. In related news, radical Imam Mickey Mouse has issued a Fatwah on both Garfield and Heathcliff. One man's terrorist is another rodent's freedom fighter. The war between Mice and Felines is near. Choose your side. Man your weapons. The shit is about to go down.

Until this article I almost forgot it was possible to be laughing and crying at the same time. This seemed too much like an itchy and scratchy cartoon. They fight! And bite! And fight and bite and fight! Fight fight fight! Bite bite bite!

After the oddness of the article wares off it's just back to the reality of a really shitty situation.
Close to 100 cats, three dogs and several rabbits and rodents perished in the blaze. The initial death toll of 150 cats was downgraded after firefighters tallied the bodies yesterday.
That would be a pretty awful job and an terrible way to end an already tragic day. Who the fuck counts all the corpse?
Fireman: "95, 96, 97. There are 97 dead cats in this building."

It takes a cold heart to do that job ah ha ha ha ha!

Kind of reminds me of that news story from last year where some guy tossed a live mouse in a fire. The flaming mouse ran out of the fire and inside the guy's house, burning it to the ground. Ah yes, strange news is always something that I love to read.

So hey, why not go take your kids out to adopt a pet this year? It's a gift that wont go out of style after a couple of weeks and will bring mutual benefit to all involved. You give a deserving pet a good home and you provide a best friend to the household.

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