Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Will Towards Men....

Good Will Towards Man....

What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding? Clearly a lot is to laugh about. During this time of year it's easy to say that and feel like you're making a difference, but we all know how much I just get off on calling the bullshit out on those band-aid "I'm making a difference" mentality that many have.

Take for example this news piece, which while I have beaten the prop 8 subject down enough, this one just stands out as so wrong from the LOS ANGELES Times - For 40 days, the couple gave up coffee and didn't eat for 12 hours a day. And Robbie gave up "Days of Our LIves," the soap opera she had been watching since high school.... "We're not trying to take anything from them; we just want to protect marriage as God designed it," Abel said.

If you're not going to bother reading it let me sum up the best parts.
The Ferreiras like life in their gated community in the eastern suburbs of San Diego. Their house, nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac, is comfortable, with plenty of room for them and their three grown children, who still live at home.

But the Ferreiras are afraid of what is happening to the world beyond the gates.

"I'm just seeing our morals and everything just deteriorating before us," Robbie, 49, said one recent evening.
Looks like the noise of two guys fucking makes it clear across those gates. Oh, don't worry, this gets better as you read the article:
"We hate the sin," Abel often declares, "not the sinner."

Abel said he knows what it is to sin. A former drug user, he found Jesus while serving time in prison.

After he was released, he toured the state, telling his conversion story at evangelical gatherings. He met Robbie at a revival in Barstow.

They were married, had three children and then divorced. Ten years ago, they remarried. In the interim, Robbie had married and divorced another man.

The Ferreiras insist their divorces do not make them hypocrites in the fight for Proposition 8 and the preservation of the "sacredness" of marriage. They say it just proves that they are flawed people like everyone else.
Moral high ground here folks. I don't understand the preserving marriage argument, seriously. The only ones responsible for your failed marriage(s) is you, not some queers getting married. These people got married, got divorced, she remarried, got divorced, then they married again. This is somehow morally justified and approved by god but two gay people marrying isn't?

They also forget that women were property in bible times. They also had polygamy as well. But we shouldn't expect fundies to be rational. Soooo..

If you want to be righteous than live a righteous life. There's nothing wrong and it's your freedom to do so. But leave me the hell out of it.

There's still one thing I'm very confused by.
For 40 days, the couple gave up coffee and didn't eat for 12 hours a day
I have no idea what the significance of giving up this shit for only 12 hours a day is. I wonder if they know they just accidentally observed Ramadan. Perhaps it's just the number of hours their first marriage lasted.

This holiday season if you're going to carry this love for your fellow man at least be consistent with it. This article is a clear case that no matter how many times you say "I don't mean to offend you but....", it's always going to be taken as offensive.

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