Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama Drops His Blackberry

Obama Drops His Blackberry

Where the fuck is the emergency broadcast, this shit's important! I'm not referring to the ongoing news if he will continue using it in office, I mean he dropped it
Butterfingers Obama lets Blackberry slip
By LIZ SIDOTI – 1 day ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — Barack Obama's cherished Blackberry slipped through his fingers Friday — but it was only a butterfingers moment.

Obama, who has been reluctant to relinquish the device when he becomes president, dropped his Blackberry and its hard plastic case onto an airport tarmac as he emerged from his fortified vehicle.
A Secret Service agent hustled to pick it up.
Secret Service officials are among those urging Obama to give up his Blackberry habit, because it causes security worries. Lawyers think it also poses difficulties in keeping public records.
The wireless e-mail and phone device is Obama's constant companion and link to the outside world.
Told about the fumble, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs quipped: "That may have solved his Blackberry dilemma, right? Forget the lawyers!"
No word yet on whether the Blackberry still works.
The AP sent out a story about Obama dropping his Blackberry, I'm stunned. I think almost everyone has dropped their phone before, my phone is covered with dents and scratches from being dropped dozens of times. This is really getting kind of ridiculous. I guess I should ask if his Zune okay!?

The funny part is they had the same story a few weeks ago on CNN. Obama knocked his blackberry out of its holster and it hit the ground when he was golfing in Hawaii. That phone is taking a beating. Can we really entrust the world's largest nuclear arsenal to a man who drops a blackberry?

What if his blackberry is hacked like Paris Hilton's was a few years ago and his pics are leaked to the internet? It's not even really black. It's only half black. I don't see what the big deal is. Whatever, he dropped his "black"berry. Once he becomes president, whatever device he uses will receive the designation "Twitter One."

@warrenellis, FELL was fucked up, man!

I wonder if all of this Obama/Blackberry shit has boosted sales for the device. Maybe they should come out with a special edition version. The barackberry.

I just hope his finger doesn't slip on the LAUNCH button. What about the fact that an aid had to pick it up. What a lazy ass that he won’t even pick up his own damn blackberry. How is he going to fix America if he is too lazy to even bend over and pick something up?

How is this man going to balance the budget if he can't even balance a Blackberry in his own two hands. We're doomed I'm moving to Canada. He's fumbled the blackberry, you mark my words, he'll fumble the economy.

IMPEACH, now before its too late!

The real reason this happened is that he insists on using that fucking retarded 'holster' thing. I've never met Obama, but I've met several people who put their phones in holsters, and every one of them is a jack off.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin dropped Trig on his head but caught him on the first bounce. Is this stuff really news? I know it's because Obama has been making a big fuss about keeping his blackberry after he's in office and the media is making it sound like some huge security leak. I mean, this isn't news that Presidents drop stuff. How many times did Bush drop Barney?

How do you drop a dog and have it land 5 feet in front of you? He straight up tossed that bitch. So I'll await the AP to report more on the daily droppings of Obama. This is going to be some wacky eight years in the news. That's for sure.

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