Friday, January 16, 2009

A Week Of Goodbyes

A Week Of Goodbyes

This week was one of goodbyes. When I wrote about D-day I didn't think I was asking to be parted with so many things that are meaningful to me. But here I am having to say goodbye to a lot of things. Don't know what I mean? Well then, let's see what we all lost this week.

Gil Grissom

I like to consider myself witty. I also like to blame my diet not working due to my stomach jumping out of my body while I sleep and consuming all of the food in the fridge. Both accusations have no facts to back them up.

Gil Grissom provided us awesome one liners for the opening of the original CSI. Making us laugh at the death of others in a way that DOESN'T get you funny stares. He was the serious face on the show that could often surprise you with something comical. Like your angry grandpa Joe who served one too many tours during WWII and he's seen more than a man should. But every once in a while he'll start cracking up about someone getting kicked the crotch.

We'll miss you Gil. Even though we have endless chances to see you on SPIKE or anywhere else that shows CSI in heavy syndication, not getting new one-liners to laugh about is going to be hard.

Ricardo Montablan

You may have known him from Fantasy Island. I and other nerds knew him as KAAAAHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNN! Yes, that's right. Kahn has past away. I wonder if he was buried in that terrible chest piece that he used in Star Trek 2: Wrath of Kahn. We'll miss you Kahn. I don't think there was anything nerds liked to scream out more than your character's name.

Friday Night Lights

I'm not a football fan. Maybe it has something to do with going to a Raiders game at a young age and seeing a massacre -Not on the field but in the parking lot. Those tailgating Raider nation fans are brutal. I really just shrugged off Football. Give me Baseball or Basketball any day. I didn't care for High School sports either. So why the hell do I even watch a show about this sport?

Even with that apathy for Football I have to say that I love Friday Night Lights. The show, while highlighted with High school football, still is one of the best written dramas on TV. Well.. that was on TV. Ok, it's still on TV, but it's like a new Tupac record, recorded long since being dead.

DirecTV made a deal with NBC to show the entire third season of this show before it started airing on NBC yesterday. So on Wednesday DirecTV aired the final episode of the season and yesterday NBC finally aired the first episode of the season. Ratings are going to be poor as anyone who wanted to see it, has already done so. It'll be a show not to get renewed. After watching the final episode I have to say it's one of the best shows around. It left an opening for season 4 but I'm fully prepared to be happy with it as the series closure. Goodbye great football drama.

Pushing Daisies

ABC... how dare you? HOW DARE YOU! You bring back Scrubs, a show that has lost so much of the fun over the years but you wont keep a critically acclaimed show? While not officially pushing up daisies yet, ABC has pushed the remaining THREE episode back to possibly summer or just doomed to be released like Wonderfalls and Firefly, to be seen only on DVD.

Fuck you ABC. Seriously. I want to see the remaining three episodes. It could provide closure. Well.. no it can't. I'm sure I'll want more like a crack fiend and I should get used to the good shows getting shit-canned. But it doesn't make the pain any less knowing this show is now pushing up daises. Now if only Ned touched the show bringing it back to life.

Prison Break

Fox has decided to not renew this show for next season and to be honest, I don't blame them. It was a guilty pleasure at best but I still liked it. Not because it was terrible Fox television. But because it was terrible Fox television. You see, that's job security for me. If Fox has pure evil programing I know it'll be on for a while. Opposed to GOOD television shows that will get canceled long before their time. As to not piss on my NDA, I'll say that prison break did provide me plenty of cash and job security. Not having another season to latch onto next season, well I'm sure there will be more shows to attach onto for a quick production buck.

Takashi Siato

After Eric Gagne broke my heart and went to a shit ton of different teams I was afraid to love a closer again. Then Takashi Siato came along and played one hell of a game. Pitching out the side and actually replacing the void that was left from the lack of Welcome to the jungle being played at the bottom of the 9th. He was good, damn good. So much that I didn't even throw away the bobble head they gave of him at the gate on that promotion night. If you know me, you'd know that bobbling headed toys give me the creeps... or at least mock me in ways that they otherwise shouldn't.

But then the heart break happened again. He went ahead and left I mean Us, the dodger fans. He left us dodger fans and was picked up in deal with with the Boston Red Sox. Which leads me to ask when will the Dodgers sign Manny? With Siato, Penny and Lowell gone the pitching staff is going to be in bad shape. At least we can have some good hitters on the team. Come on Dodgers, get the big guns signed already!

Indie 103.1

For the last five years this Radio station, like Y-107 before it, challenged KROQ for Alternative mundaneness. And like those previous challengers, this one is now dead and buried in its turn to a Spanish language radio station. Welcome El Gato! Sure you're not going to play El Sex Pistoles, but then again, Indie 103.1 has been sort of selling itself out for a while. So this move is simply them tossing in the towel and just sticking to internet only in the pre-sell out format. Going internet only is going to cost them a lot of profit loss, but they'll keep that indie street cred.

As with anything once it dies you look back to the good days. I recall the first days of the station. Without DJ's it was amazing. They had special guest DJ's like Rob Zombie, Henry Rollins and The Crystal Method all running their own shows. It was great. Very few ads and a playlist that wasn't governed by the top 40.

At the very least Indie 103.1 FM went out the way it wanted to. When it's all said and done, not many of us can say they'd go out exactly the way they'd expect to. Many times you end up dying in some way you'd be rolling in your grave (literally!) knowing you went out like that. So for that, I tip my hat. Way to go out Your own way

And finally....


He's dead. Well, as dead as any comic book character can be. I'm a huge Batman fan and well, it was pretty hard. God damn you Morrison! I think this has been well covered already. So I'll just grab the tissues and cry myself to sleep now. Where did I leave that bottle of Jack Daniels?

The old saying about how when God closes one door, he opens a window to push you out of is true. This week also is the week Battlestar Galactica comes back. Hell.Frakkin.YEAH! Only it's the last season of it. So it's just more proof that everything you love will come to an end. Some things sooner than others. Enjoy them while they last.

And no sooner than this masterpiece of a television show is back am I tempted to go grave digging to pick off the spoils. Like most other grave robbers, I have no ethical scruples with grabbing the loot before the body turns cold as many will go to the big BSG auction in Pasadena this weekend. NBC has embraced the idea of making as much money as possible. If this means selling off meaningless props that will collect dust in the prop room instead of use them for some theme park ride, then by all means they'll do it that way.

Believe you me, I worked for Universal and they'll gladly do whatever they can to save a buck here and there. Now if there's one thing about me, it's that I love props. I usually raid the prop department whenever I can get away with it. Sneaking off with props of canceled shows like a looter in New Orleans... I mean... whaaa?

But as tempted as I am to go piss away money this weekend, I'm not sure if I should. DineLA week is coming up and good food does sound like a better investment than the wall paneling of corridor 5 leading to Commander Adama's room. Besides, I think I have some bad ass props as it is. I mean, check this out. It's prop hero gun used in season 1 when they had all those funky looking unrealistic guns. Not only that, but it's signed by Lee "Apollo" Adama himself.. OOoOOOOoooh yeah! I'm a nerd.

How you frakkin' like me now, yo!

So as bittersweet it is to lose all these things in such a short time span. But there's always something new and exciting in the horizon and I personally can't wait to climb that ridge and take a glance at all that. Exciting new days ahead. A week of goodbyes followed by new Hellos.

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