Thursday, January 22, 2009

Terrible Breast Implants Aren't Just For Women Any Longer!

Terrible Breast Implants Aren't Just For Women Any Longer!

What do you mean "Go to the Gym"? I can achieve the same result through spending thousands of dollars on painful invasive surgery!

It's gonna be really funny when these guys injure themselves or get really sick and lose most of their muscle... Well, all their natural muscles and are left with nothing but huge tits.

To think, these look even more freakish than someone who got cut using steroids. This is instant guido-in-a-box.

My personal view of surgery is somewhat in conflict of this type of thing. I look at surgery as a serious matter to address a medical problem, not as method to placate vanity. I can certainly understand reconstructive surgery to repair a physical deformity and the emotional importance of looking and feeling "normal."

However, the above posted man undertook a serious procedure to get the results of hard work. If he can medically endure an invasive surgery, he can probably also hit the gym and control his diet to get the same results. Results that won't look fake, I might add.

But hey, Rob Liefeld is actually drawing true to life now.

Gender equality will be here when men are fraught with insecurity and start harming themselves for the sake of fake beauty. I'm not even sure the massive obsession for fake boobs. Completely flat chested girls and girls with large breasts can both be incredibly sexy, it's all relative to the rest of their body shape. It doesn't matter how great your body is if your face sucks. Overall cuteness is what gets me smitten.

Take Carrot Top for example. After people stopped paying attention to Carrot Top for being a hacky prop comic in collect call commercials he pretty much went nuts on steroids.

Admit it you chicks are turned on by that pic of carrot top pumping iron

The bodybuilder culture is completely fucked up and I hate to think about how many of these guys feel threatened if they dont live up to unrealistic standards of hypermasculinity

The funniest thing about hypermasculine culture is that almost no women these days want super strong men. Sure they want physically fit/attractive men, but every woman I've talk to about this wonders why the hell men go to such extremes to impress them.

I mean it's hilarious, but the entire point of it is to prove yourselves to other men, not the opposite sex. and yet these guys are homophobic as all hell.

You're better off watching this movie about it.

I am just kind of judging the fake tits guy to already being on roids since to get as well built as he is without roids takes a lot of dedication and patience and i dont think someone who goes and gets tit implants is likely to be a person with that kind of willpower. Then again, roids don't do shit if you just sit around on your lazy ass, you have to actually lift for them to do anything. So who knows.

Looks like roids were enough for this guy

wouldnt those implants give your chest the feeling of big squishy boobs instead of, you know, muscle? im assuming theyre under the muscle but if your pectorals arent that defined then having the muscle on top isnt going ot help much will it. They dont even look like pectoral muscles

The worst part is that I think that most of the guys who get these things are gay men with severe body-image issues. But body-image issues in the gay community is a whoooole other topic though.

now thats a pectoral ... and even political!

I wonder how many times Arnold has thrown up during a workout. I also wonder how many times he's thrown up trying to balance the state budget. But at the very least he did it the honest way... The muscle stuff, not the politics. There's no truth in all that bullshit. That's were you're really injecting yourself full of it.

On that note... Fake tits? Ugh, no thank you. At least breast implants just have you cutting through fat and skin. These things have to be put under your muscle, that must hurt like shit.

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