Monday, January 12, 2009

Kogi - Taking Roach Coaches To New Levels

Kogi - Taking Roach Coaches To New Levels

I'm a taco maniac. I love nothing more than a street taco late at night. Unlike most, I have no problem in trusting my fellow man when it comes to slinging meat on an outdoor heated platform and serving it up to me on a warm taco. Perhaps it's because I depend craft service when it comes to feeding myself on a daily basis at work. No matter how you shake it, I'm all for allowing a little bit of dirt in my food to add to the flavor.

The bar for craft services is no longer and will never ever be the same again because I have had Kogi. What exactly is Kogi? It's a standard delicious taco truck with a Korean BBQ twist. It's like going to a K-town all you can eat without walking away smelling like you've been sitting in a campfire all night. They don't do regular Mexican meat tacos. They spice it up with cuts like spicy pork, short ribs and tofu.

It really is something truly unique and very delicious. You have a nice blend of spicy and well, more spiciness. It's Korean BBQ meats, what did you expect? They have a wide selection to choose from. Short Ribs, Spicy Pork, Korean Chicken, Tofu and then they alternate as Chef Roy likes to mix it up with things like. Tomatillo French Toast w Goat Cheese, Kogi Dog, Kimchi Quesadilla and a new pickled strawberry.

During my first experience I had a Short Rib Taco and Spicy Pork Burrito. I did sample a bit of the French toast w/ goat cheese and while the tomatillo was really subtle, it did taste really delicious. If my mouth wasn't already burning with flavor goodness I would have followed it with the kimchi quesadilla. I'm looking forward to my second, third and many more future adventures tracking down this elusive taco truck of fusion fair.

The interesting aspect here is that this taco truck uses technology to their advantage. Using Twitter to give those in the 2.0 world a constant update as to where they're going to be, what specials they have and if they're running low or out of food at a given spot. So you don't have to go mad searching for them they can be easily tracked this way.

I generally roll solo on my taco adventures. Specifically because there's not many who appreciate a good street taco. The general idea is that people don't trust anything that doesn't come out of a drive-thru window or has a health code grade in the window. Even with that, try going into Thai Town. It's a flashback to my high school years, nothing over a C grade. The rare instances when anyone wants to roll with me is always welcomed. There's a certain magic to sitting on a cold concrete slab or some provided lawn chairs and enjoy meats of various. What's better than good company while enjoying good food?

A: Short Rib Slider.

All in all, I think I'm addicted to a new food substance. Korean BBQ Tacos. Which isn't a good thing. At least with all you can eat Korean BBQ places it's such an over abundance of food that I only go once every couple of months. You know, after I'm finally able to get the smoke out of my cloths after the third wash. But if I have the ability to get Korean BBQ on a daily basis in the form of tacos... Holy hell, I don't know how fat I'm going to end up being.

I know I'm not the only one who's getting addicted to this as you can tell from the following video documenting others venture into trying to find this elusive Korean treat.

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