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Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Here's some more self promotion. With my birthday only a few days away perhaps I should actually make up my mind on what I want, right? Especially if I want to avoid the tragic tales of the last couple of years of getting nothing. On the flip side I didn't ask for anything nor was I expecting anything. So I got exactly what I wanted. What can I say, I'm a nihilist. Ok, maybe I'm not. Say What You Will About the Tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at Least it's an Ethos.

So with that in mind I'm not going to be asking for much. Most of these I'll be doing for myself. Who better to give you something than your number 1 fan, yourself. So allow me to indulge myself and speak out loud on a couple of things that I'm looking forward to either getting or doing as I depart from the ripe age of 28.

- Fly a kite.
I'm turning 29 and I feel that till I have children, maybe I'm getting way too old to fly a kite. So sometime before my birthday I would like to fly a kite once more. It'll be a nice little send off to being young. Not saying that it's all over or that I'm feeling my age. It has been some time since I raised a kite into the air. So it'll be nice for this to go up and carry that age in the wind.

-Take a drive.
I used to take these long drives I would just spend 8 hours on. Sometimes they would be weekend adventures. One landed me in Santa Barbra and I just got a hotel and had some wine tasting, a nice hike and then headed back to Los Angeles. I suppose that's more along the lines of a weekend trip but you get the point.

I want to fill up the tank and just drive. Where? I have no idea. When? Hopefully soon. But it'll happen. Oh yes. Some time to reflect on myself and my 28 going on 29 stage. What better way to do that than a drive to the beach/mountain/desert. Popping in some electronic music and I'll have myself a good time.

-Drink Wine on a hillside over looking the sea
Pretty simple request. I enjoy wine. I enjoy it a lot. Well, what alcohol don't I enjoy? Sometimes I enjoy them more than I should. I do like wine because it's a drink that you can drink large great amounts of and all anyone will really care about is that you're creating a palate for what you like.

I have growing a small collection over time. So this one isn't even going to cost much of anything. The cost of gas to get out to a hillside. Why one that over looks the ocean? Or at least has hills that are close to the ocean? Well, I've grown to like Santa Barbara wines and most of them have the taste of the ocean since they're grown and with the cost so close.

- Burn something.
Maybe it's just some wacky thing on my shoulders constantly telling me to burn things but I can't help it. I like fire. As it has been made clear by the burn on my leg, I guess I'm not that good at it. I love BBQ's, I love bonfires. I love burning things. Yes. I'm that crazy kid in your class as a kid who just kept playing with matches or a lighter.... or both (two hands, after all) Well no. Not really. But I do like the smell of a good fire cooking meat. So maybe a BBQ may be in order and would be fun. It is getting warmer, after all.

- Spend time with family?
Oh, this one would be nice. But like communism it's only nice in theory. My parents a couple years back decided that they'd best use the time around my Birthday to travel. So I haven't seen them during my date of birth for a while now. As for my sisters, I guess this one's not such a great cause. They have their own thing going on. This isn't a pity party, so don't take it that way.

I'll just spend the time this year at work and then with the people that seem to mean something. I'll figure it out. I know I'll have a good time.

- Red Rider BB Gun.
Why not. What? I'll shoot my eye out? FUCK YOU, I WONT! Ok, well cross this off my list then. I don't want it anymore. Fucking guns anyway. What does this look like, a gun show?

-Some Romance
Check and Check! <3 style="font-size:130%;">

-A Cake

I'm not much of a cake fan. I haven't ever really been. Don't get me wrong, I like cake. I just don't have much memory of eating them. They can also get really dry. I have really enjoyed tres leches cake. It's like sponge cake with a ton of different milks. How can you go wrong there?

I would like some sort of cake though. You can't put candles on a pie and think it's the same sort of beast. You ever try to put a candle into a Key Lime Pie? Yeah, I didn't think so.

-A Dodger game
This is easier said than done. I don't recall the Dodgers playing on my birthday at home. They're usually away during that day. This year they'll be in Sandy Eggo playing the Padres. Last year I went to way too many games. I think I lost count around 30-something games. While fun, I think this year I'm not going to go to so many games. We are in a down economy after all.

I would like to go to a couple of key games though. The problem is that last year I had some amazing seats behind the home plate. This year, to get the same seats I'll have to be a little more willing to scale back the number of games to get to. So yes, a dodger dog, a beer and I'll be in heaven at Dodger stadium.

- A Trip to the Hollywood Bowl
The summer season hasn't really started yet but I do want to make some sort of solid plans to get to at least one or two concerts for the summer at the bowl. Why? If you don't know the wonders of the Hollywood Bowl then I don't know what your problem is. I love the Hollywood bowl. What's there to not love about being able to bring in your own picnic basket, wine and whatever else to enjoy the night of music.

Especially during the summer months where the nights aren't that much colder than the days it's really a magical experience. I think the only thing that isn't nice about all this is the parking situation. Some proper planning ahead of time and you'll be square on all that. So no worries there. So let's see.. should I go for the Beastie Boys? I just don't know.

-A Trip to the Farmer's Market
It doesn't have to be the actual farmer's market at the grove but I do love the ability to go to the farmer's market and get some fresh produce and get some delicious home cooked meals going in my mind.

I love going to a farmer's market and seeing what fruits and veggies are in season and try to come up with a new dish in my mind with what I can see in front of me. It usually ends up with me getting something tasty. All I know is that I do want to get to a farmer's market some time during the week. The ones I usually know of well are on other days than my birthday. So hey, maybe it'll be a late birthday gift for myself.

So you're more than likely wondering what I got for myself.

Being that comic book day is a day after my birthday, perhaps I'll just splurge a little and have a good happy birthday getting myself comic book nerdy shit that I'll more than likely label myself as a comic nerd to the masses?

A Global Knife
It's a very nice knife. I have been meaning to buy one for some time now. The last good one I had was borrowed a long time ago and I never saw that cook after that. At least they didn't stab me with it before taking off with it.

One sharp gift.

If the advertisements are correct then I only have roughly 25,000 mornings to live out. I think I've used up enough of those. Oddly enough I'm not much of a morning person anyway, so maybe I'm not too worried about not using all those up.

Perhaps some of these gifts will make those days a bit more enjoyable. Who knows. All I know is that I'm going to have a happy birthday and I can't help but look forward to the many years that I'll be gaining on my notch in the years to come.

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