Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Picture That Needs 1000 Words: V Tea Baggers

A Picture That Needs 1000 Words: V - Tea Baggers

We're about two weeks after taxes were due. I hope that you're not still in line at the post office or even worse, taking off your shoes to count how much you owe the state. Believe you me, they're going to try to get it. As for giving the returns back... Yeah, the check's in the mail, so to speak. But for all you folks who went teabagging, here's a single picture speaking a 1000 words.

Oh wait, the only thing that picture is putting in your face is that people don't like taxes. In fact, some even want zero taxes. I guess that's pretty normal. Who likes paying for services that you may not partake in. But, much like an onion, this has layers and layers in it. The simple picture is worth 1000 words simply because it tells you a lot about it. This picture needs 1000 words that aren't written on poster board size paper.

Let's see where your taxes actually go to and how ironic this picture is to be protesting them in this context.

All those things around them are bought and paid for by the tax dollars you put in. It's sort of ironic, much like wearing a Che t-shirt to protest capitalism. That is unless you got the shirt for free or something.

I have a libertarian friend that will complain about taxes in the same sentence as complaining about how the roads need to be fixed. Maybe someone just handed them those signs as well but they all appear to be literate. A big thank you to the government for the publicly funded school systems.

Another one the picture fails to get across is that there is no poisonous food pointing in everyone's stomach. Thanks to the tax paid health inspectors and food standard boards. Nor any mention of the Medicare/Medicaid that has invariably kept everyone in that picture alive and healthy to some degree.

To add to another level of irony in all this, I can tell from the street sign of "no right on red" and the type of stoplight in traffic lights that this picture was taken on a NY state maintained road. Even funnier when you consider that NYC basically pays the bills for upstate NY as far as taxes-to-spending goes.

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