Monday, April 20, 2009



Today is one of those days. You know, that a lot of shit happened on. It's only fitting that it is April since it's an already bloated month with nationally observed days, but it seems like you can't escape it when you're talking about 4/20

You have Hitler's Birthday which also fueled the Columbine shootings. But more than anything, you have a ton of pot heads going on about 4/20 because of the stupid pot smoking shit.

Way to embrace a day and show some energy for a bunch of people who lack that energy in every way possible chance to show effort. Just because it's 4/20 doesn't mean it's open season to pot, you pot heads! Now, don't get me wrong. I'm no TCC hater, I just hate holidays as you can see from my hate of Valentines day and any other that tells you to do something on that day you can normally do any other day.

How hard is it to smoke weed the rest of the year? Oh wait, you people already do that. Well, whatever. Perhaps you'll just keep on truckin' with your pot stuff.

Have you ever read this blog....... OOoooooon WEEEEEEED?

Oh yeah.. what was I going to say? Yeah. So there was this one time when my folks were out of town and I was house sitting and got asked by my pops to get some paper work for him from his den and I noticed a bong laying on the floor with the pretty pugnant bong water spilled over. I was a bit surprised that it was knocked over, but then again I was a bit more surprised that my dad had a bong. In retrospect, the man does love jazz and going to outdoor concerts, so it shouldn't have come as a surprise in any sense.

Where was I? I'm worse than a pot head in my story telling. Yeah, well a couple of weeks later when they're back he pulls me aside and very awkardly ask if I knocked over his vase. I look at him confused because I had no idea what vase he was talking about. "Vase?", I asked very confused. "Yeah, my vase.. for my plants..." he said as if trying to dance around the whole pot issue. Then it clicked like a light bulb went on in my head "OOOOOooh, you mean that bong. No, no I didn't knock over you bong."

Yeah, that's just one of the many awkward moments with dear ol' dad.

Oh Obama, this picture never gets old.

But not every movie has to be related to pot. Look at Kumar from the Harold and Kumar films. He was humping a bag of pot in the movies and now he works for the white house. Oh that place should be called the Choom house now. Awwww yeah.

Speaking of movies and pot, you remember that movie Sex, Lies and Video Tape. Holy fuck, what a giant waste of my childhood puberity life. What a complete let down. I imagine that this following movie is the same to you pot heads.

Too bad you'll be completely left not holding because it's not actually about pot. It's an old school Indian movie about a homeless dude totally ganking the system to get really rich a bunch of different ways, but then gives it all up at the end when him and his crew are about to rip off his old group of indigents that first took him in with a government housing scheme. If I remember right it was long as fuck and had alot of singing too.

Which I can't say I'm opposed to singing because I like way too many musicals for a straight man. I'm like the Seth McFarlane without the whole cartoon and animation shit. Musicals and dance numbers just put a smile on your face.

Ok, I've gone on long enough. 4/20 Yo... light it up.. and all that shit.


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