Tuesday, April 7, 2009

F-Off F-22!

F Off F-22

A couple of days ago I wrote about the over price piece of shit F-22 While I like things that go BOMB! POW! and BLAMMM-O!, I don't find military spending to be all that grand. In fact, I don't like it considering the state that our nation is in. Fuck foreign terror, we're crumbling from the inside. Well, it looks like there's some glorious news today. If I don't mind stroking myself (it is my birthday after all) I have to say I'm an influential writer with this. Here's the news piece.
WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Robert Gates is recommending cuts for high-tech weapons programs he calls wasteful or ill-suited for the low-tech tasks of fighting insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On Monday, Gates announced plans to rearrange the huge Pentagon budget, some $534 billion for the coming year, to better address the wars the United States is fighting now and may fight in the future.

This means turning away from some expensive Cold War-era planes and ships — such as the $140 million-per-plane F-22 stealth fighter — that were designed to provide an edge against the Soviet Union and other former enemies.
It looks like we just saved our selves eighty bajillion dollars by not buying a plane that's so hyperadvanced it can't be used in war zones. It's like taking a atomic bomb to a knife fight. It's the Hummer H3 of fighter aircraft - it looks cool and it's technically an SUV capable of going off-road, but really it'll only work in ideal conditions and will seldom ever work the way you want it to.

I know what you're thinking "BUT MY LASER RAPTORS NOOOOO!!!!!" While it would be cool to have raptors with lasers, you're thinking of the wrong thing. It's not as cool as you think. At least not worth the price tag.

While I'm happy about this slash in the defense budget, what they really need to do is slash the whole defense budget by about 90% There is literally enough money there to fix the world, or at least get a good job started on it and we're blowing it all on the bigger.

Oh shit, I didn't even think of the ramifications of this.. Forget everything I just said, Please support the American industry, Obama. Don't do this to union workers at lockheead barstow local #356. Who will bailout the workers and their family?!? Won't anyone think of their children?

Oh, who am I kidding. We are just going to spend the exact same amount of money on robot warriors drones. I read they're also giving more money for missile defense which is way worse. With each half a million dollar missile you're just making a half a million kamikaze jet plane. All you're doing is building a highly advanced jet aircraft, and then you deliberately blow it up. It's pretty ridiculous on what we spend money on.

What about my own union brothers? I'm guessing that Transformers 2 will have to deal with their precious transformer being a now out of work plane. But it's not like they haven't been able to face the challenges as they come their way.
Many of the new Autobot cars supplied by General Motors were brightly colored to look distinctive on screen. The filmmakers made the new cars themselves because GM lacked the resources.
That's pretty sad that in a product placement film like Transformers, GM was in such poor shape that the studios had to make them.

Oh the wonders of modern combat. During the cold war there was plans for a plane called The Flying Crowbar

It was a US cold war technology nuclear powered missile that dropped off a bunch of nukes and then just circled around an enemy country contaminating the air. Dick move!

With all that said, I'm still going to be a complete nerd with fighter pilots and planes when the Green Lantern animated movie comes out.

Check out the trailer here

In my defense, Hal doesn't use government spending to fly, just a fancy green ring.

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