Thursday, April 30, 2009



I wasn't going to touch all this swine flu shit because, well, I don't want to die. That and it's a lot of media buzz for something so fucking small. The flu kills countless of people yearly and it's not media attention. The whole fact that this is spreading a bit faster gets people concerned and really, there's no need for such craze.

The only reason Mexico is so hard hit by this is because their living conditions are piss poor. They don't have good medical. Even though you can get prescription medicine over the counter there that you'd need a doctors note for here, there's mass amount of crowding on public transportation and other places where the general public gathers. So it will of course spread quickly in such areas.

At best, this is a fade pandemic. Swine flu is this weeks bird flu which was two weeks ago pandemic craze. Speaking of which, did you know that Aids just went pandemic. I like the word Pandemic. Though I think I kept hearing it for months after watching the first or second season of the wire. Those Baltimore drug dealers sure have funny names for their drugs.

Before you folks dismiss Mexicans as being completely inept at handling this situation, consider this fact. Every time you hear about travelers going to Mexico and drinking the water, there's tales of getting deathly sick. Water, of all things. Mexicans are immune to that and freely drink it. You think they survive on Tecate and Coronas? Please, that'll cost too many pesos.

You see I find the term swine offensive which is why we should name it after the mexicans

This is simply a matter that when Mexicans are sick, they still go out. My mother would push me out the fucking door every day to go to school weather I was healthy or not. Half of my high school years was spent pale sickly white and shaking. Clearly I was going to be acting like an outbreak monkey in terms of passing whatever I had around.

To give Mexico credit. They've handled this outbreak responsibly with clear transpency and have been very responsive. They've taken the steps to prevent a much larger outbreak. Closing down shops and having people stay inside. Call Mexico a shit hole if you want but they got a lot of shit together. Can't say the same thing for other places.. ahem ahem KATRINA ahem!

So it began..

Keep going out and doing your business. This seriously isn't something to be all that concerned about. And don't get me started on the potential of the phrase "SWINE" to cause hell on the food industry. For some reason people think that you get swine flu from eating pork. Morons. Well, that just means more pig for me. I hear it's a magical animal.

The best course of action is to simply build up your immunity. How? I guess eat a ton of pork. Sure, why not. Wash your hands and just keep clean. Simple as that folks. It may be the end of April but it wont be the end of you.

On a final note, it's not a MEXICAN FLU, you honkies had it first. Just cause you don't want to remember the 70's fashion doesn't mean you should block out the 70's ads as well.

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