Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Permanent Damage

Permanent Damage

It's Earth Day. Yesterday I told you about ways you can make the world a better place. Then again, if you're not trying to recycle your plastic bags by using them again when you go shopping or don't have one of those canvas bags, you're pretty much a big part of the problem. Though doing nothing isn't very helpful either.

Over at the Fox studio store there's a T-shirt that says "This is my 20th Century Fox 100% recycled shirt" The cost of this fine item is $22.99, And that's with the employee discount. Yeah, here's a good way to show you care about the environment, don't buy stupid shirts like that. It may not be wasting material in the sense that you are reusing the stuff, but it's still a waste of material in that it could have been recycled into something useful. Like toilet paper.

Let's move on. Like any other holiday, perhaps you wont just limit your "going green" to only today. Pick up some trash when you see it. Recycle your bottles, cans and paper. You really don't realize how much you're wasting on CRV alone if you don't recycle. Those 5 cents per can really does ad up. $1 for every 20 sodas you drink. Ok, that may seem like a little silly to worry about but in this tough economy, every penny should count. Not to mention that it'll be something you wont regret later on.

Speaking of things you'll regret down the line. Much like our Earth, you only get one body. So use it wisely or you'll end up turning it into a dump. Which gets us to tattoos. Tattoos can often be a great thing to express yourself. It's showing the world something you're connected or have strong feelings towards. But those strong feelings may fade and you should always be aware that.. well... your view point on things will change. What you write on your body today will pretty much not be what you're into when you're 70.

Let's stroll down the lane of terrible tattoos. Things you'll regret.

This guy is really going to regret it when Blu Ray takes over. If HD-DVD won at least he would be able to just add something to the tattoo to make it current. Now it's just a lost cause.

Grats you didn't become a crack whore like the rest of us normal people. Commemorate your straight edgeness with a crap tattoo. Looks like it says Ding Free to me. Maybe he's just a really good driver.

Again with the drug free shit. Hey, maybe I'm just wrong here but you should be drug free in general.

Seriously now. What does this even mean. I could imagine myself at age 60 thinking to myself "Well, a dolphin smoking a bong, yeah. That was cool" Oh wait, no I can't.

This one is odd. It will literally be there forever since any laser surgery to remove it will fail because of the colors.

I... really don't know. Perhaps it makes sense in some Galaxy far far away.

This next one is a two parter.

First we have the sleeve. Which in this case is so meta it hurts. You have a tattoo of a spider-man costume over your skin. But to add complexity to it you add in the fact that you tattoo flesh color skin over your spider-man costume sleeve. Very odd.

Then you have the master piece of all this. The chest ripping skin action of a spider-man logo under your chest. What the fuck is going on here? So you mean to tell me that you're actually spider-man under your skin?

After being in the same sound stage as him I can't imagine having Clay on my skin forever.

Ok, I change my mind. I really like this one because I agree with it completely. But in terms of tramp stamps, I don't think this one makes a good target practice. "Awwwww yeah, take that Ray Romano!"

I don't want to play this video game.

Meat curtains with cob webs? Yeah, I think this is a bit disturbing.

I'm not sure what's worse. His terrible tattoos or the christmas sweater.

Come on, it's funny and all but the damn gun isn't even connected!

I'm pretty tired of "leveling up" in any form but you don't ruin breast by placing tattoos on them. Seriously now.

Word, yo.

So hardcore that she has to advertise it. Maybe if she says it enough, it'll be true.

...... Wait, what?

Here's hoping that the franchise stays around for a long time. Then again, he wont be alive for much longer due to this love for fried chicken, so water will seek its own level.

A good lesson to never piss off your tattoo artist.

Stay classy, good man!

Like Beetlejuice, if you say it three times one will appear.

Never go to a 5 year old tattoo artist.

Again with the boobie tattoos. STOP IT! Stop ruining good breast with ink. Those will look like long barreled guns when sagging eventually kicks in.

Now that's a good way to end the pictures.

There you have it. Perhaps now you'll realize that once you ruin something like your body, you have the capacity to ruin the planet. So perhaps you should stop. Yes. stop putting ink on mother nature's breast. STOP IT!

Happy Earth day. Let's see if you actually carry on the practices tomorrow.

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