Thursday, April 16, 2009

You Gotta Rob To Get Rich In The Reagan Era

You Gotta Rob To Get Rich In The Reagan Era

Reality Check...

Poor people in Africa forced to live in tents

With their villages taken over by angry warlords, they pack all their belongings into bags and run

New villages are formed wherever it's safe

The lucky ones have a shed to live in

Some used to hold esteemed positions in their society. Shaman Brown used to channel the energy of Electro, native god of thunder, for use in houses

Villagers collecting firewood

This tent village is called New Jack City

Inside of a tent: a modest kitchen

Villagers' simple diet

This villager pays for his meals by collecting empty cans

It's sad that we allow things like these to happen in Africa. Just because it's far away and not in the media spotlight, people forget that Africans suffer in poverty every day. If Americans would not allow their neighbors to go trough such hardship, so why let Africans live in squalor?

Harsh lessons that while it's all grand to worry about the war in Darfur, Animal rights issues and environmental concerns it's easy to overlook at our nation's in trouble and the trickle down effect is causing many families to live in conditions that would bring out Sally Struthers rear her face and ask for change.

So no matter how bad life may be treating you right about now, perhaps you should take a moment every now and then and think of how it doesn't suck to be you right now.

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