Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lay Your Hannah Off My Montana!

Lay Your Hannah Off My Montana!

I take no credit for the title. Not because I didn't just think of it. No, because I actually did. But it's so awful I really want no credit for it. Let's just forget I ever brought it up.

Among the other things I would like to bypass and have no questions asked about and yet I still want to point it out is that I have a good stock pile of Hannah Montana dried fruit snack packs.

What's that? Why do I have these? Geez. I thought I said I didn't want to have that asked. Way to go and fuck with the program here, homie.

So I guess the spot light is on me now and I have to answer it. Why do I have a stock pile of these tasty fruit snack packs?

Simple answer, they are tasty and they were cheap. Extremely cheap. They were discounted heavily and so I bought a lot of them. Maybe it's the fact that whenever I eat one in public I'm looked at strangely. As if eating Hannah Montana's dried Banana is a bad thing? You know you'd be eating her dried apple any day if given the chance!

I'm sure this is not how she makes these snacks

Ok, now that's just getting wrong. I'm just trying to stay healthy here and while it doesn't fit the role of forbidden starches one should keep hidden, it's still very strange to have so many around.

Consider it the best of both worlds. It's fruit AND snack. Yeah, I know. Fruit should already be a snack. It's what keeps the doctors away. NOT SO! Apples suck to eat when they get picked from the tree. I mean, it's like they're as hard as rocks. If rocks grew on trees. So this fruit snack thing is mighty delicious.

In saying all this, Hannah Montana THE MOVIE! comes out this weekend. I have no intention of ever watching it. I haven't ever seen Hannah Montana the TV show for more than it takes to flip through the Disney channel as I go towards Cartoon Network. I am an adult after all. So I have no idea what the appeal is.

Off to the secret dried fruit making family

For that matter I have no idea what the show is about. Maybe it's the epic story of one girl's quest to make dried fruit snacks? I dunno. Maybe that's why the fruit snacks make sense? Maybe it's not that simple. Perhaps it's better that it's not that simple.

All I know is that I have some good dried fruit snacks and Hannah Montana will break box office records. If anyone watches it, can you tell me the secret on how her dried fruit snack factory produces food this good?

Thanks in advance.

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