Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What Happens When You Die?

What Happens When You Die?

Since turning 29 I have come to the realization that I am no longer invincible. Yes, I too can be hurt and I will one day die. When? I do not know. But I am certain that I will die. So the question comes to mind on what exactly will happen when I do?

I posed this question to many friends and got their reactions. Here's some of the answers I got back:

- I just assume your consciousness winks out. i think of it as when you're on a long car ride or something and you fall asleep -- however many hours you were traveling are collapsed into an instant. except you never get to the end of the trip, and consequently you don't wake up. you don't necessarily dream when you sleep in the car, though, or at least i don't. so that's what i compare to dying, this null time that doesn't really register as having passed at all in your mind.

- Mental events stop happening in your brain, and that's it. no more consciousness.

-Heaven. Hell. Standard good-evil afterlife dichotomy.

-Hang out with virgins all day so im told.


-"it's like going to sleep, except you don't dream"

-If you beat Death at twister you get to come back

-As you pass forward in time you'll find that you never actually "die", rather, your conscious experience will only be continued in the possible universes in which minute quantum fluctuations create conditions that result in your continued consciousness, no longer how minute the possibility of the given quantum fluctuation, due to the anthropic principle

-We will all live forever just not in the same universe


-I'd want to be able to haunt stuff

-Who cares?

-The world will be a quieter place.

-When your brain stops working your metal processes stop as well. You don't know you've died because you're dead and can't know anything.

Congratulations, you are now an inanimate lump of decaying flesh.

-About those 72 virgins.
But then that leads to the question on if the virgins stay virgins after you repeatedly fuck them, or do they get replaced with new ones? Or maybe... you don't really get to fuck them at all???

-Also what if i don't want virgins, what if you want experienced hotties that will know how to please??? Fuck, now I'm depressed.

-People cry for a few hours then after a few years no one remembers you.

So there you have it. Some theories there but I'm not gonna die so I don't care. If I were to die though, I do know one thing for certain, I would like John Cleese to speak at my funeral.

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