Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Annual Doctor Check Up

Annual Doctor Check Up

Ah yes, it's my date of birth, perhaps I should check in with my doctor for a yearly check up. All in good time. First I need to check in with my other doctor,


Exactly. Doctor Who. This may sound completely nerdy -but I've already established that I'm a huge nerd. So the fact that I watch a British science fiction show shouldn't surprise anyone. This very long running science fiction show began being aired on the BBC in 1963. Yeah, it's pretty old now. So I suppose anyone attempting to get into it may be a little intimidated by the number of material out for it.

If you do want to get a start on it, the recent seasons starring Christopher Eccleston in 2005 was a good starting point and didn't have that cheesy 70's sci-fi feel to it. So what's the appeal? Well, he's a time traveling alien who jumps into different adventures in time and space from week to week. What's not to like? He doesn't carry around any massive weapons and battles wrong with wit. The last (well, sort of last) of his race and just going around in an old british police box, he does some pretty cool things and goes on really interesting adventures. It's a fun ride.

Well, the last season of it ended last year and this year they only decided to make four hour long specials before the series turns darker next year under a new creator. So why am I writing about this on my birthday? Since WB already gave me a birthday gift in the form of a mural,

It was only fitting that I shoe horn the whole BBC (and by extent Britian into it) gives me a gift as well. The Doctor is coming back for an Easter special called Planet of the dead. What can we expect from this Easter Special?
After following a mysterious jewel-thief on board the 200 to Victoria station, the Doctor and its passengers are suddenly transported to another world. The Doctor discovers that the desert planet is all that is left of a great civilisation that had reached the pinnacle of achievement. Unfortunately the science the original inhabitants of the world had found resulted in their destruction.

The Doctor does not have his TARDIS and has no way of returning to Earth, so he has to find a way to disable whatever is causing the problem, keep the band of bus passengers together and get everyone home, oh and protect everyone from a band of psychopathic aliens who want to use the power as a weapon.

UNIT makes an appearance as well headed by Captain Erisa Magambo (last seen in Turn Left) and she is assisted by Malcolm, a mad professor who somehow has managed to find a way to communicate with the Doctor.
Oh goodie! Easter now is packed with another important event to look forward to! Though the first and more important one isn't anything to do with a silly rabbit and hiding eggs. But the less I speak about that the better the surprise will be.

Easter Special trailer

Planet Of The Dead. Pitch Black meets Monty Python.

In this Easter special he has a new companion. Oh what a playa'. You can't hate him, you gotta hate the game. Of course the game that he just keeps getting new companions. Maybe it's just that they leave for various reasons. Sometimes they even break his heart.....

Perhaps that's what makes his character so easy to relate to. Though I guess the whole idea of traveling around time/space and finding new and different adventures can be the real appeal here. Besides, what's there not to like about his companions? They're very often beautiful and even if that Police box looks cramped, it's gotta have a lot of room inside.

Who wouldn't want to be in a police box with her?

The companion seems to be the average man, or at least the person us viewers are suppose to relate to the most. Being wowed by these new places and sharing some time, and more than often falling for the Doctor. I mean, isn't he dreamy? But I'll take the other view on this situation. The Doctor is more human in character than his fellow actors. He's just looking for some companionship. Someone to travel with and have fun with.

He's living his life through the enjoyment of others. He loves showing them around. He's not looking for love. Well, at least he's not actively looking for it. As can be seen in this scene here. The moments that get me out of this silly BBC series.

I think that's how I viewed "love" and "relationships" for a long time. I generally just wanted someone to have fun adventures with. The idea of a relationship. That was scary stuff. He's a loner that gets as many people around him and yet he tries to keep his distance.

Sometimes it's good to walk alone but what good is it if you have no one there to enjoy it with? I like the Doctor for that specific reason. He's generally doing good or at least making wrongs right. Maybe it's me growing up with super hero comics. Oh yes, you know me, I just want to save the world. That and not be alone, I suppose.

So here's to watching a new adventure of Doctor Who this weekend sometime. While it may hurt to lose people in your life and believe me, I've been in a sort of retrospect on my life so today with the whole getting older thing, I don't regret much of anything. The people in my life and me who shared an adventure shared it and it was fun. I wouldn't change that for anything. Have it be that they moved on, forgotten me or just left me heart broken, I'm going to constantly look towards those new adventures and enjoy the here and now.

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